Freedom, the Great Oppressor

G-d sure does work in strange ways - doesn?t He, President Bush? Wouldn?t it be the ultimate in cosmic irony if, under the guise of freedom, democracy and peace, the ?G-d fearing? American President tried enslaving the People of Israel with his ill-conceived road map?

Ellen W. Horowitz

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G-d sure does work in strange ways - doesn?t He, President Bush? Wouldn?t it be the ultimate in cosmic irony if, under the guise of freedom, democracy and peace, the ?G-d fearing? American President tried enslaving the People of Israel with his ill-conceived road map?

The idea of forcing democracy and freedom on certain Islamic nations is a rather bizarre, even oxymoronic, concept. The notion of imposing peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is both impossible and dangerous. But, then again, hypocrites, morons and oxymorons seem to rule the day.

Israel supported America?s right to not only defend herself against the aggression of 9/11, but to take the offensive against terror with preemptive action in Iraq. The cause appeared to be clear and just. But then the usual twists and turns distorted the path. Securing America and the world against a viable threat just wasn?t good enough. America thinks big, and suddenly the main purpose of the war became the need to liberate the democracy-starved Iraqi people. But that still couldn?t satisfy the President?s huge altruistic appetite. Now it seems that the War on Terror is really about establishing a New World Order.

Listen, Mr. President, Israel is not shackled to the United States, so don?t flog us with the great whip you call ?liberty?. We have experienced history in the extreme. Through thousands of years we have become well-acquainted with oppression and freedom, as well as war and peace. No other nation has weathered such an epic and arduous journey through time. And we can tell you a few things about this region and its peoples...

You won?t find any Thomas Jeffersons, Abe Lincolns or even George Bushs wandering around the ruins of Baghdad or Gaza, unless they?re shell-shocked delusionals. Freedom and peace are lofty ideals that individuals and nations should, ideally, crave and aspire to. However, America cannot hope to export its brand of personal freedom to a region where a strong leader may be needed to control a people endeared to the law of the desert - a code far more cruel than any law of the jungle. The spirit that moved the Pilgrims may not be the same as the stuff that moves your average Iraqi. America may be ?the land of the free and the home of the brave?, but the Ten Commandments were not given in the middle of suburban USA. The People in the Middle East and, quite frankly, the rest of the world don?t need personal freedoms (as fun as that may be). They need boundaries, a code of ethics, and strong, wise and compassionate leadership.

G-d created a variety of nations and, in His wisdom, provides for each of them based on their physical, spiritual and psychological make up. He gave them potential, limitations and free will to choose right from wrong. I can assure you that any attempt, by George Bush or any other world leader, to improve upon this grand design is doomed to failure. This is especially true when it comes to redrawing the borders of the Land of Israel, which are painstakingly and repetitively delineated in the Bible.

It would be a darn shame if, under that seemingly righteous exterior, George W. Bush turned out to be another Texas Oil Man - just like his daddy. If you remove that stars and stripes, bible-thumping, candy-coated covering, then you?ll see something quite terrible... American troops abruptly left Saudi Arabia under rather cryptic circumstances. The ?all-but-destroyed? Taliban seem to be creeping out of the woodwork and regrouping in Afghanistan. Looting, chaos, cholera and hunger are on the increase and plaguing the newly ?liberated? Iraq. And Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim is back in town. Seems this leader of Iraq¹s biggest Shi'ite Muslim group received a resounding welcome from the populace. The people are calling for a Theocracy and not Democracy. This, just two weeks after Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said, ?Iraqis will be free to form their own government as long as it is not an Iranian-style theocracy... That isn't going to happen.? (AP) Why do I get the feeling that America may soon be wheeling and dealing with the Ayatollah?

Isn?t is amazing how the bad guys never really die, they just keep resurfacing in one way or another. The American people may never have the satisfaction of seeing a dead Saddam or Osama. The world never got the satisfaction of seeing Hitler dead. Arafat walked away from a plane crash in the Libyan desert that killed his body guards and crew. Syria?s Assad died, only to be replaced by the even more dangerous son of Assad. Do you think that, perhaps, G-d is trying to tell us something? Maybe we?re just not absorbing the lessons properly.

Perhaps the only ?freedom? any of us need be concerned with is the G-d given gift of free will. The ability of all of us, on both an individual and national level, to choose to do good and choose life.

With this in mind, I urge American and Israeli policy-makers to consider the following...

The People of Israel are under no obligation to rehabilitate the Palestinians. The Arab people have themselves chosen the route of violence, destruction and suicide. They have developed and nurtured, with the help and encouragement of their oil-rich leaders, a culture of oppression. They are perpetual victims, because they chose to perpetuate a destiny that has been hounding them since time immemorial. Abraham was compelled to send Hagar and her immoral and corrupt son, Yishmael, into the desert wilderness. The children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when faced with difficulties, opted to choose life and creativity rather than a legacy of death and destruction. The Palestinians don?t cherish the Land of Israel, they despise it - because it was never theirs, nor will it ever be theirs. So they prefer to make it red with blood, rather than green with water. At the end of the day, The Land of Israel will only respond to and accept those truly meant to dwell on it.

It is time for the Arafats, Mazens, Yassins and their followers to let go and get out. Go back to the desert and rehabilitate yourselves, as nobody can do it for you. I would think that a man like George W. Bush, who waged an admirable struggle against alcoholism and won, would understand such a concept.

When it comes to the Palestinians, I believe Israel should simply respond like one of those women in a classic B movie. You know the plot... her just struggle gets trampled by an onslaught of self-serving political considerations, corruption and greed. When the bad guys show up on her property, she comes out of the house, cocks her shotgun and says, ?Git off my Land!? By the way, as a general rule, she wins in the end of the day.

When it comes to responding to George Bush and the "road map", well, if I may borrow another great American phrase, ?Don?t tread on me?, or my people. May G-d save us from your ?road map?.
Ellen lives on the Golan Heights with her husband and six children. She is a painter and writer.