Will Europe end like the Roman republic?

Invaded by barbarian tribes, culturally impotent and with a collapsed family structure, Europe was ready for defeat when Rome fell - as it is now.

Giulio Meotti, | updated: 14:26

giulio meott
giulio meott
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The political talkers who discuss immigration always politicize it, either as "invasion" or "welcome". People, on the other hand, know everything intuitively: that Europe, as our ancestor designed it for centuries, is collapsing. 

In Ceuta, the EU's extreme border between Spain and Morocco, 592 sub-Saharan migrants stormed and crossed the border with Molotov cocktails and bars, wounding dozens of Spanish policemen. This is the biggest encroachment since, in February 2017, 850 migrants entered the enclave. 

Will we follow the example of the decomposition of the Roman Republic? Even then, the rich senatorial élite had become sclerotic and the rise of populist politicians, such as Catiline or Claudius, helped to destabilize the system through demagogic laws. After the Republic it was the Empire. And in a single generation, the collapse.

Those 592 migrants did not escape from any war. They come to bring multicultural war to Europe. Europeos despierta! Europeans wake up!

This is the discourse of ...Jihadists and Muslim suprematists, which is not a historical accident, just as Stalinism was not a disease of Communism. It is actually its fulfillment. 
In 1947, the sociologist Carle C. Zimmerman wrote a book explaining why Western civilization is going through the same family crisis that had predicted the fall of ancient Rome. In all civilizations, Zimmerman wrote in "Family and Civilization", there are three basic family types:

The tribal and clanic family, which predominates in agrarian societies. The "domestic" family model is rich in strong ties and is found in developing civilizations. The decadent family model is "atomistic", it has weak links and emerges in advanced civilizations. When the Roman Empire fell in the fifth century, the strong families of the barbarian tribes substituted for the weak Roman families. And it is happening also to the contemporary family of Swedish vocation. 

Radical Islam now tries to cancel the battle of Poitiers to reintroduce in history the idea of conquering a Europe that has already denied itself. This is the discourse of the Islamic State and other Jihadists and Muslim suprematists, which is not a historical accident, as much as Stalinism was not a disease of Communism. It is actually its fulfillment. 

And this is always the speech of the "immigrationists", those cynical liberals for whom the world is only a big market - as well as the beautiful souls of multiculturalism, who kneel before the power of the number: the victory of Islam is in fact, first of all, that of the demographic number, sanctioned by migratory phenomena as well as by judicial decisions, and most of all by the weakness of the Europeans, who are told to no longer be themselves.