Animals of the press

All the news we choose to print.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Yahya Sinwar
Yahya Sinwar
צילום: מתוך האתר האישי

So where were we? Oh yes. We left off with the media, led by The New York Times, remembering, through screaming headlines, that “Israel killed dozens of Palestinians” but later on, oops, forgetting to mention that most of them, 90 percent, were active members of Hamas – animals, in other words.

We’ll get to the “animal” part in a moment.

Meantime I am beginning to call this Wishful Journalism.

This is where you publish whatever you wish were true instead of the truth, and hoping your readers won’t know the difference, a trend so obvious today.   

You publish whatever you wish were true instead of the truth, hoping your readers won’t know the difference...  
A perfect example of that is this: The intention of these Gaza riots against the Israelis is to “tear down their border and tear out their hearts.”

Got that? “Tear out their hearts.”

Strangely, the media missed that, and this is what it’s come to, ladies and gentlemen, where the animals of Hamas are more trustworthy than the NY Times et al – because that quote comes to us directly and without honey from Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, a man who makes his living as an Islamic warlord.   

Sinwar blurted it out, despite the alarm of the media who wished he’d just shut up. Who asked? Who needs to know?

Who, says the media -- who needs information that spills the beans about Hamas and, for gosh sakes, might turn public opinion favorable to the Israelis?

For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was a relief to hear from a terrorist what will never be heard from the mainstream media who hate it when their fabrications are interrupted with facts. They have a story to tell, a point of view to deliver, a slant to embroider, fables to concoct, whatever it takes to confound us, to deceive us, and put us to sleep with their lullabies as we keep pointing out from book to book.

They get very depressed and annoyed when information comes up to contradict them, so they simply wish it all away and write more fairytales.

So the truth was spoken, but no chance you got it except from Arutz Sheva and, I suppose, a few other sources.

Did someone say the truth hurts? Well, yes…and it hurts so much that the Times, NBC, CBS and ABC would rather forget all about it, and talk about something else.

That could only be Donald Trump. They wish he weren’t president. They wish it so much, so badly, that since facts against him don’t work, like Russia collusion, they turn to fiction. I know fiction and there really is no such thing completely. All fiction begins with facts, only what comes next is that you embellish.

Nothing wrong with that if you are Hemingway. But we are talking about the press, today’s boys and girls who graduated from the Columbia School of Wishful Journalism.

That means truth is nothing but a nuisance and a bother.

So you invent. You make things up to fit your story. You take a word Trump said about one thing and pretend he said it about everything.

The New York Times was the first, certainly not the last, to wish that he referred to all illegal immigrants as “animals,” so being in the business of “all the fiction fit to print,” the editors over there misquoted him to lump all those people together when truth be told (so seldom by the Times), Trump was talking specifically about one group, one gang, those violent illegals known as MS-13.  

But then all of them jumped in to intentionally misquote him and accuse him of being a bigot and by the time he got around to explain himself, it was too late.

The word was out and the slander was in.

Animals…what else can you say?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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