Natalie Portman for the Jane Fonda Award

Natalie Portman is a classic example of the "useful idiot." This stunt has endeared her to Islamic terrorists everywhere - she is their dream come true.

Jack Engelhard

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Natalie Portman (file)
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By now everybody has had a say on Natalie Portman, and perhaps the best one comes from my friend (and a true friend) Rabbi David Nesenoff.

So we’ll skip the details and go back in time to that day when I got some kind of a job at a theater in Greenwich Village, and then something happened. So I told my boss, the manager, that I’d go over to the actors and ask them what they think. “THINK?” he responded in a fit of sarcasm and rage. “What you mean think?”

“Well,” I began…

“Live and learn. Never ask actors anything! Actors don’t think. They must be told. Actors are children. Remember that.”

I still remember that and so for me, at least, it puts the entire Natalie Portman Affair in a different light. She is a child and children can’t be trusted to think for themselves. Only through the accident of beauty and talent is she a successful actress – but other than that, without a script and minus a Director to show her the standing marks, there isn’t much doing in the brains department.

Actors tend to be emotional and unstable, which can be said for many of us, true, but we don’t get the chance to do it as much as they do…and remember this, too – actors are always in love, usually with someone else. It’s like that from one co-star to another and even from one country to another.

So we hear Portman saying that she loves the United States, but “My heart’s in Jerusalem. That’s where I feel at home.”

Not so much these days, apparently, and not enough to catch a plane from Paris to accept the $2 million Genesis Prize. Her heart is not with Bibi.

These days she feels at home in Paris. Her husband, the ballet choreographer, is working there, so that is where her heart is at this time.

She denies this but the equation is quite simple, so as we observed elsewhere, there can be no dithering and no middle ground – in or out.
Altogether she has her heart in three continents...and still so young.

Her heart, at one time, was for John Kerry, when that anti-Israel zealot made a run for president. After he quit, her heart was for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s heart…and the heart of the entire Democratic Party…has never been for Jerusalem. President Trump – Yes!

Always, Portman’s heart was for Barack Hussein Obama…and from what she’s been saying, it appears that her heart is with BDS, Fatah and Hamas.

She denies this but the equation is quite simple, so as we observed elsewhere, there can be no dithering and no middle ground – in or out.

You are with us or against us and by declining to accept the award in Jerusalem, she is out, and this stunt has now endeared her to Islamic terrorists everywhere.

She is their dream come true and somewhere out there Vanessa Redgrave is smiling.

All things considered, The Jane Fonda Award or the Geraldo Rivera Prize would have been far more appropriate.

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