From Paris to Gaza, it's the same anti-Jewish evil

A chain links the cruel murder of Mireille Knoll to the marches near the Gaza fence.

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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Everyone knew this charming 85-year-old Jewish lady who had escaped the Nazi raids, a humble retiree who continued to go to a restaurant and a theater, despite the fact that Parkinson's disease forced her to move in a wheelchair in recent years. Everyone also knew one of Mireille Knoll's butchers, Yacine M. The French newspaper Le Monde informed us about the last moments of Knoll's life.

Yacine's mother came to visit Mireille to plead for her help to withdraw a complaint. Mireille even wrote to the judge to intercede on behalf of the boy who one day would burn her just because she was Jewish. The Jews talked a lot with local Muslims. But every week, the president of the rue de la Roquette synagogue, Serge Benaim, saw the images captured by the security cameras installed in front of the building, the writings against the Jews
I will never tire of telling this story as long as I live.
which had to be erased more and more often.

The police that day discover Mireille in her bed, her body burned and stabbed eleven times. “There is no trace of defense”, says the police. Yacine also strangled Mireille for fifteen seconds before setting her on fire, shouting “Allah Akbar”. While the flames were still devastating Knoll's apartment, Yacine and his classmate Alex C. went downstairs for a drink at the Avenue Café at the corner.

I will never tire of telling this story as long as I live. Because evil, an evil that threatens to suffocate us all as it did in the house of Mireille, has taken the upper hand within our civilization. And the same anti-Jewish evil is now besieging the Jewish people, from Gaza.

In the kindergartens of Gaza the day after the first “peaceful march” of the Palestinian Arabs, Gaza's children were taught that with Israel no peace is possible, but only war. Their teachers put a rifle in their hands and taught the words “we will return to our homes” (by eliminating the Israelis). Hamas hangs bombs like garlands on its children.

Hamas not only leads them to its attempts to invade Israel, not only uses them as human shields, but also brainwashes them, inoculating them with the evil germ of hatred. Where are Unicef and Save the Children while the monster of Islamic fundamentalism devours these children? Where is the European Union, so concerned about the “the peace process”? Where are the pacifists who put flowers in the barrels of guns? Where are the media who refuse to publish these photos of Palestinian children with guns?

The terrorists who govern the Strip have just spread the reward for those who took part in the “march” against Israel. The families of the killed terrorists will receive $3,000, the seriously injured $500 and those with minor injuries $200. Hamas announced it on Twitter. But the “moderate” Abu Mazen is no better: he pays from $3,100 a month to those sentenced to life imprisonment to $400 monthly for those who have a three-year sentence. It is money the West gives to the Palestinian Arabs to finance their jihad against the Jewish people. They call it “humanitarian aid”.

In my travels in Israel I never saw one single kindergarden where Israeli children are taught to hate the Palestinian Arabs and are trained to put a gun in their hands. Shame! But I remember the interview on TV made with two Palestinian Arab children whose mother had put on a vest full of sticks and nails that was exploded at the Karni crossing between Israel and Gaza, killing five Israelis.

“Where did mother go?”. The little girl replies: “To paradise”. “And what did Mummy do?”, asks the interviewer. “She was martyred”, the girl replies. “How many Jews did Mummy kill?”. And the boy showed his open hand. “How many, so?”, asks the interviewer, and he answers: “Five”.

From the Paris arrondissement to Gaza's outskirts, it is the same anti-Jewish evil.