Did you discipline your wife today?

In Islam, home means violence through honor killings, female genital mutilation and a special kind of “discipline.”

Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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This time it felt good being scooped. Both Caroline Glick and Mort Klein beat me to it and I must say, they’ve got guts. Martin Sherman, I see, also jumped in before me.

Well, I chickened out, did not have the stomach to read an op-ed in The New York Times that ran with the headline -- “Israel’s self-inflicted wounds.” Mahmoud Abbas – right?

Brother, was I wrong.

This piece of blather, which blames Israel for near everything and insists on a “two-state-solution,” properly censured by Glick and Klein and Sherman, was written by -- Ronald Lauder. This is the Ronald Lauder who is president of the World Jewish Congress and not the president of the World Arab Congress – as you would imagine by reading that op-ed.

The three columnists rip Lauder to shreds, fact by fact, and call him out as a backstabbing turn-coat, of which the proof is in Lauder’s own words.

I could not have said it any better than my right-on colleagues…with an update that Lauder’s timing could not have been worse with the President ready to sign the Taylor Force Act, which he did on Friday, despite Lauder being a fly in the ointment – but Trump being that rarity, a mensch.

But I prefer to focus on a practice so entirely not Jewish and especially onerous, Islamic wife-beating, a practice that ought to horrify Lauder, but which instead he’d be inviting into the Jewish home through his “two-state-solution” …unless Lauder thinks it’s okay to “discipline disobedient wives” …that it is something we should emulate.

Know it or not, it is what Lauder is recommending through the Times.

That paper gladly publishes Jewish leaders, so long as their opinions are guaranteed to blood libel the Jewish State, not necessarily in the paper, but any place will do… and a few weeks ago the place was AIPAC where its CEO Howard Kohr set the trend – blaming Israel for the “lack of peace” and failure to politely hand over half the country to the “Palestinians.”

Leave it to Jewish Leaders to remember what the world has already forgotten – even the Arabs consider the “two-state-solution” a lost cause.

But not while Kohr and Lauder are still around.

What gives? Apparently, men like Lauder and Kohr are tired of Israel’s freedoms. It’s the only explanation we can find, save for a case of mistaken identity.

Can Jews really be that stupid?

Instead of justice for all, as it is in the Jewish State, these “leaders,” operating as Frick and Frack, seemingly want to GIVE TYRANNY A CHANCE.

So away we go to splitting the Land in half (according to their desires) to the type of people who pride themselves for their intolerance…and it begins in their homes.

To us, home is a place of peace and sanctity. Wives are revered. To them, home means violence through honor killings, female genital mutilation and a special kind of “discipline.”

This means wife-beating is ritualized. We alerted the world to this -- and to everything else -- in the thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” So readers know what’s there in Chapter 12, where we catch a particular imam (one of many) preach that “verbal warnings followed by a period of sexual inactivity could be used to discipline a disobedient wife.”

Failing that, advises the imam, “According to Islamic Law, beatings can be judiciously administered…concentrated on the hands and feet to leave no scars.”

Strange to the ears if you are Jewish, but perfectly acceptable, obviously, and perhaps even adaptable, once you’ve made it to the top at AIPAC or the World Jewish Congress.  

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

Just released is his augmented HOLLYWOOD EDITION of “News Anchor Sweetheart.” Engelhard wrote the international book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal” and the inside-journalism thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” He is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: www.jackengelhard.com