An Iranian writes A7: The spirit of Iranian Revolution lives on

The writer tells Arutz Sheva: The previously solid edifice is showing many cracks that will keep growing in coming weeks and months.

Amil Imani

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Amil Imani
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By now, everyone knows that the majority of Iranians do not want an Islamic Republic. However, it seems to me that neither the mullahs nor the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) are going away peacefully and are not going to surrender the country to the people.

Two reasons. First, they are plundering the country. Second, they are mortally afraid that the people will take every last one of them to the court of law that would show no mercy to them.

So, they will do everything they can to hold on. The people who are not part of the oppressive plundering cabal will just lick their wounds and go back to more suffering.

Will the mullahs and their goons mend their ways? Not likely. There may be a bit of token change here and there. But the fundamentals remain the same for both sides until something huge happens. I fear that day while I grieve the horrible plight of my compatriots under the mullahs’ tyranny.


While economic disasters invariably lead to political turmoil and uncertainty, the Islamic regime never saw anything wrong in the plight of the working class. The onset of recession and slump, despite the oil wealth enriching the regime, certainly leads to questioning and a significant political radicalization amongst certain layers of Iranian society, especially young people.

Since the arrival of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in 1979, the Islamic regime has been waging a war of construction, the war to build up an Islamic empire and to change the whole face of the Earth. They are also at war with the Iranian people. As a matter of fact, the first victims of the Islamic Republic's appetite for the destruction of the civilized world were and are the Iranian people themselves.

For the past 39-years, thousands of dissident students, intellectuals and journalists have been systematically arrested, imprisoned and tortured for the sole crime of speaking up against the repressive rule of the mullahs. Many are still languishing in prisons, some have died, and some have simply vanished with no record of what happened to them. Not only has the regime terrorized its own people, but they have also demonstrated a high priority for supporting global terrorism.

There are many factors accounting for the longevity of the Islamic regime in Iran. The first factor which has helped the regime to stay alive, despite its immense hatred by the majority of the Iranian people, has been the sale of its vast oil and natural gas reserves. Soaring crude oil prices, along with consumer demand, literally has filled the Mullahs' pockets with billions of dollars.

They are fighting not only for themselves, but for you and me and for freedom everywhere.
Another factor has been the assassinations and imprisonments of the intellectuals, writers and journalists by vigilante groups or pressure groups, such as Ansar-e Hezbollah, the Basij and Al-Quds forces, which have been under the control of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and countless other terrorist organizations that have been recently popping up in Iran.

With the recent Iranian uprising all over Iran, the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic is now under serious question. Students and workers are protesting across Iran by tens of thousands. Not only the middle class, but the entire strata of Iranian society now have expressed their disgust with the regime.

The world must file legal charges against the leaders of the Islamic Republic's wanton violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: for their crimes against humanity and genocidal actions against religious and political groups; for support of international terrorism, for demolition of religious sites and cemeteries; for rape, torture, and summary executions of prisoners of conscience, for forgery of documents, for acts of blackmail and fraud; and for much more.

The protests that began last week in Iran are different from most unrest that has previously roiled the country since its 1979 revolution. They have covered more geography, overwhelming small and midsize cities across the country. But they also have reportedly drawn smaller turnouts than the massive 2009 election protests in Tehran. Although more intelligence is needed about the makeup of the demonstrators, significant differences have emerged. Iranian reformists and middle-class residents in large urban areas are reported to have largely steered clear this time around.

We should ask ourselves, are we witnessing the end of the Islamic Republic? Absolutely, but not immediately. It is only a matter of time and not a very long one either. The Islamic regime is in deep trouble. Masses of Iranians are irreparably alienated from a corrupt oppressive Islamic rule. The rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is crumbling. The previously solid edifice is showing many cracks that will keep growing in coming weeks and months.

In my opinion, it is time for Iranians to strike, gather forces, organize, and especially demonstrate in the streets in increasing numbers, even in the face of massive, gruesome, bloody repression by the Islamic rulers who still have a powerful armed apparatus at their disposal. It is time to unleash the wrath of the Iranian people on the Islamic zealots. It is time to become even more defiant and end the barbaric theocratic regime by massively participating in a genuine Iranian revolution.


Charity is a great virtue. Enlightened self-interest is its match. America’s support of people sacrificing their lives for freedom is not only a charitable act, it is an act of self-interest. Islamic totalitarianism is on the march. Freedom-loving Iranians, once again are risking their lives to end the rule of tyranny in its cradle of the Middle East. We need to help them in our own self-interest.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” said the great champion of civil rights — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the same vein, tyranny anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere. Let’s wholeheartedly support the valiant freedom fighters of Iran.

They are fighting not only for themselves, but for you and me and for freedom everywhere. It is in our own self-interest.