Lawsuit fever snags CNN and NYT

Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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CNN and The New York Times, so quick to pounce on Fox News, both apparently suffer from convenient memory lapse when it comes to their own sins.

Here’s something from the New York Post that can’t seem to get any traction: “A half-dozen people have filed suits against the New York Times and Fox News, while as many as 175 current and former employees have contacted lawyers about joining a class-action suit against CNN.”

Well we know about Fox News getting sued by nearly everyone who ever worked in the building or stopped there for a cup of coffee. I call it lawsuit fever.

Or we may call it lawsuit hysteria after word gets out that coming out as a victim, real or imagined, can win you a jackpot. Nearly everybody can play.

But Fox gets it coming mostly about sexual harassment, which is bad enough. Also bad is racial discrimination, and this is where we find the two pillars of holier-than-thou Liberal Journalism getting a taste of some comeuppance. But racism at the Times? Bigotry at CNN? The complainants say yes – nearly 200 altogether.

We don’t know how this will end. Maybe they’ll be going to court. Maybe there’ll be hushed up settlements. Maybe we won’t know a thing.

That will probably be the end of it all, we won’t know zilch, because that’s how it began, as a news blackout, until the NY Post caught on.

For all I know the Times and CNN splashed the humiliating news about themselves all over the airwaves and front pages. I don’t think so.

Can’t be sure because, for the sake of blood pressure and sanity, I can’t read the Times or watch CNN.

But I’ll bet they buried the story. In fact I’m sure. Not good for business. Blasting Fox News, this is always sound business practice. After all, it was the Times that took down Bill O’Reilly through a published tip that he or his company paid millions to silence some women who claimed he sexually harassed them.

So he got fired and it appears that this may just be the beginning of an effort to track down and destroy every Conservative or pro-Israel voice at Fox.

Or as many as are left ever since Murdoch’s two sons began redecorating the place with (ignorant) Liberal staffers like Marie Harf, whom we fondly remember as John Kerry’s sidekick at the State Department from where she announced that Islamic terrorists only need jobs and love.

So she’s in. O’Reilly is out…and next they tried Hannity, who is practically all that’s left naming himself unapologetically Conservative, a lover of Zion and loyal to President Trump. Time to get Hannity dumped? Not so fast. Some woman, smelling the blood of a trend, attempted to join the sexual harassment sweepstakes and went public with the accusation that Hannity tried something with her.

Hannity jumped on this and dared her to provide substantiation and that was the end of that – she took it all back.

From all these lawsuits we know nothing for sure, except that American journalism has hit the skids.

Can it get any lower than Tom Friedman at the Times? I’m afraid so. Very afraid when the Times chooses Marwan Barghouti as an editorialist. He’s the Islamic terrorist found guilty of murdering at least 26 Israelis, but guiltless enough for the Times to feature his blood libels on its opinion pages – without mentioning his crimes.

Or without reporting that he’s been caught eating during a prison hunger strike that he started.

That’s the whole point. We the readers and we the viewers only know what they want us to know.

The rest they keep secret to leave us blindfolded, docile, submissive, barefoot and pregnant.

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