Against Iran, Trump's twitter is mightier than his sword

Trump needs to explicitly call out Iran's pushing intra-Arab violence as the real evil malignant force that it is. And tweeting is the way to get it started.

Mark Langfan,

Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

In dealing with Assad, Russia, and Iran, Tomahawks are great weapons.  But, in many ways, Tomahawks are so "20th Century."  And while, some conflicts like North Korea require 20th century kinetic weapons, the defeat of Syria and Iran merely requires President Trump's thumbs.  Those thumbs carry more TNT than our greatest nuclear bombs. 

Trump's and hence America's greatest weapon is called "Twitter."  Trump can defeat Assad and Iran in Syria without virtually ever firing a kinetic weapon, but by firing Tweet-bombs about Assad and Iran anti-Arab campaign of death insttead.  And to weaponize his Tweeter feed, Trump has to first understand what the Middle East's fight is all about:

Oil. Locate the oil, and you'll understand what the fight is all about.

"Oil?" you say, pshaw, it's about the Sunni-Shiite split.  Balderdash.  The entire Middle East conflict is about the Iranian Persians perversely using the false flag of Shia Islam to incite the Arab Sunnis and Arab Shiites to commit mutual genocide.  It's the old method of divide and conquer the Arabs to steal their oil. 

After Iran has instigated the Sunni Arabs and Shiite Arabs to annihilate each other, Iran intends to waltz right into the Gulf States and steal the Gulf Arabs' oil resources in the Black Gold Triangle.  The Black Gold Triangle straddles the Sunni-Shiite divide between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, and holds 56% of the world's oil supply.

Nothing proves this point more than Iran's recent assassination of Hezbollah's second to Nasrallah leader  Mustafa Badreddine because Badreddine, the Hezbollah hero, argued that  Shiite Persian Iran was using the Hezbollah, also Shiite (but Arab,not Persian) as "canon fodder" in Iran's war in Syria.  In the Iranian Persian version of Orwell's "Animal Farm," some Shiites are "more equal" than others. 

Specifically, Arab Shiites are perfectly suitable for martyrdom to advance the Persian Shiites' war aims.  Or more exactly, for the Persians, all Arabs are ripe for killing, and it's best if they mass-murder each other.

As a prefatory point, what's very dangerous, now, is that by Trump administration's merely attacking "Assad" and/or "Iran," he feeds the Iranian weaponization of the Sunni-Shiite conflict  narrative, rather than disarming the Iranian-inspired intra-Arab hate.  Trump needs to explicitly call out Iran's intra-Arab sectarian Sunni-Shiite poison as the real evil malignant force that it is, not further widen the sectarian divide.

Once Trump throughly understands Iran's divide-and-conquer-the-Arabs plan, using  false-flag Sunni-Shia self-genocide strategy, he can begin to Tweet about it effectively.  To begin with, how about:

Why does Iran love sending Iraqi Shiite Muslim Arabs to die in Syrian mass-murder of Sunni Muslim Arabs? Answer: the Arabs' oil resources.
Why did Iran murder Hezbollah's Mustafa Badreddine? Hezbollah is Iran's Arab Shiite "cannon fodder." 

Or, for another example, another tweet can read:

Why are Arab Sunnis and Arabs Shiites mass-murdering each other? Answer: Iran's false-flag sectarian poison! #StopIntraArabHate. 

Another can read:

Why is #Iran stealing the #Ahwazi Shiite Arabs' Oil? #StopIran'sArabFalseFlag. 

Or, another:

Why does Iran love sending Iraqi Shiite Muslim Arabs to die in Syrian mass-murder of Sunni Muslim Arabs? Answer: the Arabs' oil resources. #StopIran'sArabMurderNow.

Or how about:

The Hezbollah Shiite Arabs are Iran's useful-idiots murdering Sunni Arabs. #HezbollahIranianUseful-Idiots. 

I haven't counted the letters, but Trump can send multi-part Tweets.  After all, he is the President of the United States.

I can go on forever, but you get the idea. The 21st century Middle East War is a war of the mind where the United States must fight in the mind-to-mind combat battle space. President Trump has to use the 21st weapon of Twitter to effectively and tersely reach the minds the enemy and ally alike.

Trump's Twitter,reprogramming the Sunni-Shiite Arab self-hate brainwashing Iran has instilled in the Arab world, can pave the way for the United States to defeat the waxing Iranian neo-Safavidic Empire.