Israeli two-staters, wake up!

J’accuse . . . the Israeli two-staters!!

Mark Langfan,

Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

J’accuse . . .!!  I accuse the Israeli court of anti-Israelism and anti-Judaism in scapegoating Elor Azariya for definitively neutralizing a blood-thirsty Arab terrorist.   However, today’s case of the 2017 Israeli government’s actions are a good repeat of the anti-Semitism practiced by the government of France in 1898 when Emile Zola published his famous article “J’accuse . . .!!” that exposed France’s anti-Semitism and unlawful jailing and falsely rigged trial of the Jewish French General Staff officer Alfred Dreyfus for espionage. 

Today, in 2017, the Israeli Dreyfus-style actions are practiced by the Jews of Israel themselves against other Jews.  What’s worse, Israel is falsely and unjustly imprisoning Jews who are on the front lines protecting the Jews of Israel from Arab terrorist monsters.  The sad fact is with Jewish Israelis like the Israeli Two-Stater VIPs, who needs enemies?

Now, how did we get here?  How did the Israeli government itself become the instrument of world anti-Semitism? The real Israeli security criminal is the entire Israeli “Peace” Two-State-Solution establishment including the late Peres, Rabin, Yossi Sarid and today's Uri Savir, Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni.  These Israeli officials and their useful idiots have placed Israel into the historic arc that can only end in the annihilation of country of Israel-itself.  

Through years of their holding Israel government positions, they filled the career government positions with Two-State-Solution Israelis.  These former and current Israeli Two-State-Solution officials knew the Palestinian Arabs could and would easily smuggle katyusha rocket parts into any "West Bank" Palestinian State and fire those deadly rockets into the highly populated Tel Aviv/Netanya coast-line. Despite seeing tens of thousands of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel’s south, they still cling to the messianic Two-State Solution.

These, like former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, cheer and overtly sanction President Obama and Secretary Kerry who engineered and silently assented to a UN Resolution that would sever East Jerusalem from Israel, and  turn Israel into a modern-day Auschwitz from which Israel and its 6 million Jews will never escape.  Barak recently tweeted in the wake of the recent UN Resolution and Kerry’s screed against Israel that "this is the way Russia and China think as well as the majority of Israelis."  Barak, a former IDF Chief of Staff and a former Prime Minister, lies to the world and says “a majority of Israelis” believe Israel should cede the entire East Jerusalem including the Western Wall of the Temple Mount to the Palestinian Arabs.  After all, the UN Resolution stated the 1967 lines, and didn’t mention the “mutual land swaps.”  Barak has aided and abetted Israel’s greatest most bloodthirsty enemies by stating such lies to the world.

These are the same Israeliss who parade around the United States, and pour false Two-State Solution poison “Israel is an Apartheid State” into the ears of left-leaning eager American Jews who would like nothing better than to not to have to fight to protect Israel, and to go to sleep.  With the false “Apartheid” poison of the Two-State Solution, American Jews are in a comatose state in the face of Obama’s betrayal and villainy against Israel. No less a personage than former Israeli Attorney General(1993–1996) Michael Ben-Yair who was already on record as early as 2002 in a Haaretz op-ed having stated that Israel has established "an apartheid regime in the occupied territories" added to his lies in November 2014 where he urged the European Economic Union to endorse the creation of a Palestinian state, arguing that Israel had imposed an apartheid regime on the West Bank:

“With the excuse that we need the West Bank for security reasons, we have turned it into a colonial state. The West Bank has remained an occupied territory for over 47 years. During this period we have ignored international treaties; expropriated land; moved Israeli settlers from Israel to the occupied territories; engaged in acts of disinheritance and theft. We have justified all these actions in the name of security.”  

When Israel’s leaders fail in war, there are Israeli tribunals that carefully review the leaders for failures and negligence.  Israel must do the same for the Israeli Two-State leaders for their failures and gross negligence?  Shouldn’t Tzipi Livni be forced to publicly testify under oath and explain how she wants to give land to the Palestinians when everyone already saw that in 2001 the Palestinian terrorist government was firing rockets from Gaza into Israel? Livni knows that the Palestinians were stealing Israeli water from the "West Bank" mountain aquifers, and polluting the down-stream Israeli water. Yet, Livni and Barak still advocate for the 1967 Auschwitz borders allowing the Palestinian Arabs to withhold or poison 40% of Israel’s water supply.

These Israeli Two-State-Solution “leaders”  have catastrophically harmed Israel’s security and its chances for survival, not Elor Azariya.  The brave Azariya’s of the world have been put into an impossible position by the earlier decisions of Israeli leaders who have affected the entire Israeli mindset.  By their previous appointments, these Israeli Two-Staters have ensured that the Israeli government will attack the very soldiers that are protecting them from being murdered.  Unless the Israelis cure themselves of the deadly Two-State-Solution cancer and free Azariya, they will soon find themselves in the Zero-Jewish-State solution.

The Livnis and Baraks of this world will escape the destruction of Israel, and go on the American Jewish lecture circuit and get paid millions for “explaining” how it was the Israeli-Right wing that brought Israel’s destruction by "West Bank" rockets.  And, the leftist American Jewish billionaires will then wake up from their Two-State-Solution induced coma, and build many new memorials in the United States. 

Israel - wake up, and wake up fast.