Trump’s alma mater, Penn, today a sanctuary campus

Amy Gutmann is president of Univ. of Penn. She has an interesting take on what university's are supposed to provide their students.

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Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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If you wonder how our universities keep churning out generations of BDS/Hamas-loving leftists, think Amy Gutmann.

Gutmann is president of the University of Pennsylvania. Ivy League, impressive, and as of today, or maybe yesterday, she’s declared Penn a safe space for undocumented students – professors too, I imagine. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you did, you’re In Like Flynn with Amy Gutmann.

She is not alone. Listed here are the other universities, nearly 30 of them that have announced themselves as sanctuary campuses.

In Philadelphia, where Penn is located, citizens are arrested for unpaid parking tickets.

But people here illegally, excuse me, undocumented, have no such worries. Under Mayor Jim Kenney, the entire town is a sanctuary city.

So what makes Amy Gutmann so different? Actually, nothing much. From college to college they are all about the same – run by confederacies of Liberals.

But what typifies Amy Gutmann is what happened some 10 years ago and which I covered here for Arutz Sheva as “Penn President Gutmann does jihad.”

During the height of the intifada in Israel, it was also Halloween here in America and Amy Gutmann was throwing a party at her home.

A reminder that blood was running through the streets of the Jewish State. Arabs were killing. Jews were dying. Supposedly, Amy Gutmann is Jewish.

But hey – it was Halloween. Let’s Party.

At this party, students arrived in costume, which is what you’d expect from Halloween, with this difference:

One kid arrived dressed as a suicide bomber. You would think there’d be gasps and that he’d be sent home. Maybe suspended, expelled?

But he was an Arab from Syria, so there must have been safe spaces back then too, in 2006, for special people.

More than that, this student dressed as a suicide bomber began “mock” executing people at the party – and what a party it must have been?

Because Amy Gutmann joined right in. She was not repelled at all by this student. She posed with him, smiling and laughing.

Pictures were taken, showing Amy Gutmann regaling herself with this mock suicide bomber. Here is one of those photos.

Well, after some bad press, Amy Gutmann said she was so sorry…had no idea…but the photo, that they tried to suppress, speaks for itself.

She is having a ball...and even though she is a professor, she cannot be that dumb as to not recognize a rifle in the hands of a terrorist, fake or real.

Donald Trump was graduated from Penn’s Wharton School back in 1968. He got his bachelor’s degree in economics.

Once he’s in office, we can be sure that he may want a word or two with Amy and some of the other Miss Lonelyhearts who run our schools.

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