Why is the Vatican silent on UNESCO’s war on Jerusalem?

The Vatican will have to live with the results.

Giulio Meotti

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There have been some political voices denouncing UNESCO’s diplomatic and cultural war on Jewish Jerusalem and its Temple Mount, where the Jewish people worshipped for hundreds of years and the focal point of every practicing Jew’s prayers.

One voice is that of U.S. lawmakers pressuring UNESCO members to vote against a resolution that ignores Jewish and Christian ties to the Temple Mount. A group of senators and congressmen said these resolutions are “an attempt to rewrite history by denying Jewish and Christian ties to
If the Jewish Temples never existed as UNESCO says, Jesus also never walked inside them or preached there. Christian history is also a myth, a legend, a rumor.
Jerusalem” in a bipartisan letter initiated by Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

There have also been generous appeals signed by thousands of US Christians protesting against a blatant and anti-Semitic denial of history. But generally, it has been a deafening Christian silence.

The Pope and the Vatican didn’t raise an eyebrow about UNESCO's Jüdenrein policy.

If the Jewish Temples never existed as UNESCO says, Jesus also never walked inside them or preached there. Christian history is also a myth, a legend, a rumor.

But for the Vatican, an independent Jewish State bearing the name “Israel,” with Jerusalem as its capital, and a renewal of Jewish life in the land of the Bible, has been the most complex theological Christian problem of the last sixty years. So why not support UNESCO’s decision by keeping silent about it?

The Vatican’s stance as the ally of the heads of the Palestinian Authority in the place most holy to the Jewish people, the Temple Mount, have also been a fait accompli during the last three Popes’ visit in Jerusalem (2000- 2009 – 2014). 

The mainline Protestant churches, in the US as in Europe, are also silent, too busy probably in charging the tiny Jewish State of “apartheid”.

Also according to Christian theology, Jerusalem is no longer on earth, but in heaven. Wouldn’t Islamicized UNESCO agree to this myth?

Arab Christians also keep silent on UNESCO, but that it is not a surprise, since they promote an obscurantist theology seeking to curry favor with Muslims by accusing Israelis of “Judaizing” Jerusalem.

The Greek Orthodox church in Jerusalem also keep silent. After all, hadn’t their patriarch of the holy land, Deodorus I, handed over the custody of Churches in Jerusalem to PLO leader Arafat in 1995?

Catholic opinion makers are not all silent. In Italy rancid anti-Israel prejudice has come from some Catholic media, such as the monthly Famiglia Cristiana. Their hypocritical demanding of an “internationalization” of Jerusalem shares UNESCO’s rhetoric, a travesty for Islamic hegemony.

Christians and the Vatican should not keep silent. Because as history has taught us, while it begins with Jews, it doesn’t end with them. This is what Mosul’s empty churches tell us.