Who will make it to the White House, Hillary or Donald?

Hillary or Donald? They are totally different and the result will make a world of difference for the future of America. One man's opinion.

Joe David

OpEds הולך להיות מעניין. טראמפ וקלינטון
הולך להיות מעניין. טראמפ וקלינטון

On Tuesday, November 8th, Americans will select a new president to solve the problems that the Obama Administration has created. Eight years of national and international crises, with each one seemingly more worrisome than the preceding, have left many Americans unhappy and eager for change and yearning for realhope.

Both Hillary and Donald insist they are going to bring positive change. To prove it, they are flaunting their unique qualifications and recommendations for change. But of the two candidates, which one, if either, will repair a broken country?

America has slipped from its perch internationally. It is no longer the prosperous nation, the strong defender of human rights and freedom that it once was. Instead, it is a country in crisis and in need of steroids. Under the leadership of the Obama Administration, America has become a faded image of what it once was – both domestically and internationally.

Most everyone agrees that neither Hillary nor Donald are saints. According to Republicans, Hillary’s achievement during her many years in government has been her multi-million-dollar foundation, which she uses to sell U.S. government access to unsavory world leaders. According to Democrats, Trump’s achievements during his lifetime has been to build a multi-billion dollar business by using bankruptcy and even questionable business practices to his advantage. Hillary’s embarrassments (i.e., Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, email scandals, etc.), for example, have made front-page news, and Trump’s gaffes (i.e., about Women, Mexicans, Muslims, etc.) have been tweeted around the world.

Of the two candidates, which one should Americans trust to run the country and pull it out of its freefall into political obscurity?

To many Americans, Hillary is seen as a political insider and a seasoned politician with no achievement record, and with an audacious penchant for corruption and mendacity. One secret service agent has identified her in his book, Crisis in Character, as being foul-mouthed with an unsuitable temperament for presidency, and a large population of voters rate her as dishonest and corrupt. The image of Bill and Hillary removing from the White House at the end of Bill’s presidency $200,000 worth of furniture, china, and artwork, that didn’t belong to them has been forever etched into the minds of many Americans.

Few of her critics doubt that her policies will differ much from Barack’s, which explains his support. Some are concerned by the ease with which she is building up a cash base for her campaign. Does her generous support from Wall Street to Hollywood reveal a clue to whom Hillary will be beholden to once in office? Many think so, and many suspect, if elected, that her negative image will enlarge, and she will use Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to change America and its’s viable, two-party system to suit her own political purposes.

The big question: Will her failures and her liaisons to date destroy her chances of becoming the next president, or will her powerful insider stranglehold on the establishment be sufficient to win for her the coveted prize?

Trump, on the other hand, is an unproven political leader, whose behavior is unpredictable; no one knows for sure what he will do next. The skeptics and the political insiders insist he will destroy the country by dividing its population and by pushing America to war. His supporters, on the other hand, identify him as a bull in the china closet, the type of leader who is strong enough to break up the unsavory alliances in Washington, which Hillary and other professional politicians have enabled.

Many believe this because they believe he can’t be bought and compromised. During his lifetime, Donald has accumulated everything he needs on his own, wealth, fame, family, and a huge business empire. He has proven that he doesn’t need the Washington establishment. This government outsider who has made billions over the years by playing hardball in the rough-and-tough international world of business, has revealed himself to be a giant, capable of getting what he wants without inside collusion, by simply causing major political earthquakes in Washington.

Those who listen to Donald when he speaks, really listen to him, are finding him informative. Beneath the layers of his often shocking one-liners are many gems of information, which have made the public sit up and take note. For the first time, thanks to him, the majority of Americans, once isolated from reality by fair-weather broadcasts, are finally able to glimpse beyond the sunny nonsense that is fed to them daily, and see the storm clouds gathering. To the anger of many, he has used snappy labels like “Low-Energy Jeb” or “Crooked Hillary” to discredit what he considers to be the dominant characteristic of key opponents.

There has never been a candidate like Donald. His sheer strength of presence, his animal testosterone, and his uncontrollable spontaneity have so disturbed many in position that in retaliation they have hurled everything they could find in their political arsenal at him, from racist to international pariah in an attempt to reduce him. But to their disappointment, instead of succeeding, he has merely grown larger and stronger, a populist who continues to draw thousands to his rallies.

Is he a saint or a con artist? To his loyal followers – to that “basket of deplorables” which Hillary calls them – he is a saint, a defender of disenfranchised American patriots, who is determined to save a country from the neo-Marxist ideas that its current leaders are propagating.

To conservatives, Donald lacks their principles. “If only he would shut up and stop tweeting, if only he would stick to the issues” and on and on it goes. What deeply worries the pampered, well-manicured Washington establishment is that he just may deliver on his promises of making America Great Again. His love of country, which seems to motivate him, may turn out to be quite genuine. In the short run, despite his pragmatic and unprincipled actions, he may prove strong enough to get America back on its feet again; in the long run, he may prove able enough to prepare the country for a truly constitutional and conservative leader after him.

America has reached the crossroads. Both political parties (Republicans and Democrats) have failed Americans.
America has reached the crossroads. Both political parties (Republicans and Democrats) have failed Americans. Many Donald supporters feel he must win the election. They fear, if he doesn’t win, Hillary will finish off what Barack started: Turning America into an unstable, third-world banana republic – driven by corruption and crime.

Despite all the rhetoric from both parties in Congress, no one has attempted to stop this. The strong Republican Congress, elected so overwhelming by voters, has made no significant effort to defeat many of Barack’s outrageous policies, even though Congress controls the finances. For whatever reason, they have allowed this moment to arrive. This has left many voters upset, how upset will become obvious on November 8th.

In my recently reissued book, The Fire Within, I predicted in the 1980s that America would soon face such a crisis. As a student and later as a teacher, I saw how educators were preparing students for a new world order; in the book, I recorded how it was happening through education. I knew there would come a time, when the public would have to make a crucial choice. At the time of writing this book, I never expected it to be within my lifetime.

This leads to the big question: Who will win the White House? If the educators have successfully damaged enough minds, as I believe they have, it will be an insider like Hillary; if on the other hand, the thinkers and patriots have enough support, it will be an outsider like Donald. At this time, it looks good for Donald. For the sake of America – and the world – I hope it is a landslide with Donald trumping Hillary and destroying the rigged political and voting system that the politicians have put in place.

Joe David is the author of six books, including The Infidels and The Fire Within. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and journals.www.bfat.com