American ingrates

They claim to be "oppressed" as they spend their millions. Where can we get ourselves some of that "oppression?"

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Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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At a pre-season football game, Colin Kaepernick, who plays mediocre quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, refused to stand for the national anthem.

He sat, he later explained, because America is an “oppressive” society.

For mostly riding the bench as a second-stringer, he makes $12 million a year. Where can I get me some of that oppression?

How about you, Mr. and Mrs. Working-Class America who barely make it paycheck to paycheck only to watch millionaires trample the country? Some people, it appears, can afford to suffer and feel oppressed. The rest of us do not have the time or the luxury. We are too busy scrambling for the next dollar.

We are too busy at work, at play, raising families, and – dare I say this – behaving patriotically.

Shocker alert – some Americans are grateful for America. So are the millions who infiltrate our borders, who come here, I assume, to be oppressed.

They too, like you and me, would first like our hands on $12 million, and then talk about being oppressed and “police brutality.”

Shocker alert – some Americans are grateful for America. So are the millions who infiltrate our borders, who come here, I assume, to be oppressed.

Yes, that was Kaepenick’s main beef – “police brutality.”

Never mind, I suppose, the hundreds of cops on duty throughout the stadium who, in the event of an attack, would rush to save Kaepernick’s sorry hide.

They do it every minute of every day throughout the country, 800,000 law enforcement officers ready to give their lives to protect us against any threat. They are the ones who rush into burning buildings, as they did in New York, and keep doing it around the country.

When you’re in trouble and dial 9-1-1, they’re the ones who come running. Black Lives Matter won’t show up and neither will Hillary or Huma Abedin.

But don’t tell superstar warbler Beyonce’, another dissatisfied customer. She is married to Jay Z and together they are not millionaires. They are billionaires.

What’s her complaint? Also “police brutality.”

For there she was just the other day at some big awards shindig bringing down the house with her usual routine. This included the usual number against the cops – and the crowd went wild. They loved it, all of them sitting comfy in their seats, and they too are all millionaires and billionaires thanks to this land of freedom and opportunity.

Only Israel shares the same liberties and opportunities in a region where such qualities are rare.

So rare that these millionaires and billionaires would be stoned to death for so much nudity and vulgarity if they tried putting it across in any of the 57 Muslim countries. For their gay pride, they would not last a minute in, say, Saudi Arabia, or Gaza, or Ramallah.

In Ramallah, two Israeli kids were hacked to death by Arabs simply because they made a wrong turn.

Yes, that’s how it is when it’s too late for the IDF or American cops to rush to the rescue.

But for the VMA Awards, where Beyonce’ and others performed lewd and half-nude, everyone felt safe.

That’s because a thousand cops were on hand to make sure these rich, spoiled, pampered, ungrateful brats could live another day to hate the police.

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