Hedonistic Europe will fall - Israel will not!

1500 years of European civilization are drawing to an inglorious end.

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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The identity shaped by the Judeo-Christian civilization is not threatened by external factors. The Western malaise is totally indigenous.

In Europe, quality of life is good, work is not demanding, holidays are coming up, war has been abolished, people are in good health and postpone aging through cosmetics, sports, medicine, diets. Modern medicine has resulted in sexual pleasure without the risk of procreation. It is nice to laze in a French brasserie. What is there to worry about?

But in a few years, we will find that the pieces of this surreal view of the world are a broken mirror in which we can no longer recognize ourselves.

Europe faces an enemy, radical Islam, an enemy providing something that is worth dying and killing for. It is a project aiming to rename England “Northern Pakistan”, France the “Islamic Republic of New Algeria”, Spain “Andalusia”, Germany the “New Turkey” and Belgium “Belgistan”.

Facing this enemy, has Europe, dedicated to material pleasure and self-doubt, something for which it is worth it to die and kill? A shorter working week? An early retirement? You Porn? Abortion on demand? Adultery in the afternoon? Gay marriage? None of these material things is worth dying for.

As Islam has well understood, for a weak West surrendering is the easiest option. Doing anything else, like fighting, would be asking too much. The spirit of conquest is now on the side of Islam.

In one year and a half, ISIS has killed Westerners and Europeans in every way, by any means, anywhere, driving out Christians from Mosul, killing cartoonists in Paris, gays in Orlando, tourists in Tunisia. But every time, after a new ISIS massacre of Western “infidels”, Europe’s newspapers and televisions indulge in pain, eulogies, compassion, as if crying is our only answer. But there is an explanation: Western civilization is exhausted, probably dead. After two thousand years of existence, it is basking in nihilism and self hatred, it does not create anything and lives only on resentment and rancor. The culture of instant prevents us from projecting ourselves into the future.

A process is underway and seems uncontrollable. The cruel truth is that our civilization is collapsing. It lasted 1,500 years. We are witnessing the closing of Europe. The ship is sinking. The hedonistic West will fall to Islam. Israel will not!