Shame on the world’s anti-Semitic media

Look back and see how the bestial terror attack on people eating in a restaurant was portrayed. That is, an Israeli restaurant.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Four Israelis butchered in Tel Aviv’s Max Brenner restaurant (Max Brenner is one of the Israeli chocolate brands targeted by the BDS) and the whole foreign media is “mistaken” once again the headlines.

La Repubblica, Italy’s largest newspaper, called the Palestinian Arab terrorists “aggressors”. Il Corriere della Sera, another large Italian daily, called them “killers”.

From Le Monde to Libération and Le Nouvel Obs, the entire French mainstream press used the word “fusillade”: shooting.

CNN reported about the “terrorists” in quotation marks. The BBC used the phrase “Tel Aviv shooting”as if it was a criminal event, while Israeli security forces had already stopped the terrorists and there was no doubt about the attack's roots. Sky News also used “Mass Shooting in Tel Aviv”, while the Guardian wrote: “Three Dead in Tel Aviv Market Shooting.” 

The Independent did something even worse, "Tel Aviv shooting, three killed and six wounded in Israeli attack capital". Not only did they refuse to use the word “terrorism,” but for them, Tel Aviv has become Israel's “capital” instead of Jerusalem (The Independent changed the headline after Honest Reporting’s protests). The New York Times was also unable to tell the truth and referred to the terrorists as “Palestinian gunmen”.

The best journalism was Fox News, which ran the headline: “Terror in Israel”. Was that so difficult?

The same media has been unable or unwilling to show the images of Palestinian Arabs celebrating in Gaza, Hevron, Tulkarem and at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, those who distributed candy to passersby to celebrate the attack at the Tel Aviv restaurant.

No newspaper in Europe has recognized who is attacking whom since the starting of the Third Intifada. Not even the Daily Telegraph, a British conservative newspaper, called them “terrorists” while October it wrote: “Israeli security forces kill four other Palestinians”.

“Palestinian killed after police chase in Jerusalem”, was the masterpiece of MSNBC.  Yesterday the same US liberal network reported a “mass shooting”, as if it happened at Columbine school.

During the First Intifada, the foreign journalists fabricated the story of the Palestinian David defeating the Israeli Goliath. In the Second Intifada, they orchestrated the false “Jenin massacre” blood libel, along many other anti-Semitic lies such as the Al Dura case. So I am not surprised they still spread lies and hate against Israel in this Third Intifada.  

How to forget the photos of the conflict in Gaza in 2009, reused months later by The Daily Telegraph, purporting to show the daily life there? Isn’t it the same Telegraph which published a cartoon comparing Israel’s war against Hezbollah to the Nazi Aktion in Poland? How to forget that during the First intifada the media around the world hid the fact of the bullets, knives, axes and Molotov cocktails used by the Palestinians?

How to forget that the Israeli security barrier, which stopped a wave of attacks that killed 1,500 Israelis, is photographed more than any Hollywood star, but only in its concrete sections and with graffiti comparing it to the Berlin Wall and the Warsaw Ghetto?

The Saudi television channel Al Arabiya was more honest than the Western media, defining the Israeli dead as "victims.". And Dahham Enazi, a member of the Saudi Journalists Union, has condemned the massacre as well: “The killing of innocent civilians, as happened during the Tel Aviv attack, is terrorism”. Terrorism, not shooting.

Bothaina Kamel, an Egyptian journalist, also asked: “What heroic about shooting people?”.

An Al Jazeera journalist, Salma to Jamal, was also more honest than my hypocritical fellow Western journalists in her sinister tweet: “’Operation Ramadan’ is the best response to stories on the ‘peace process’”.

Many editorial boards in Europe and America would underwrite it. Shame on them!