The Left has to make up its mind

Is the Israeli left humanist or racist?

Oz Keisar

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Oz Keisar

Anyone who looks from the outside at the comments of the Israeli left on everything that happens in this country will have a hard time understanding what their real opinion is, what their agenda is based on, and what their real goal is.

Let me explain. The things that the left say have some sort of weird inconsistency. On one hand they are very concerned about human rights, especially refugees, Sudanese, Syrians, Palestinians, and all those they consider in need of such concern. For example their concern that the Sudanese refugees in Tel-Aviv should not be sent home to their war-stricken country, shows that they are pro- human rights, regardless of race, gender, and other particularist considerations.

However on the other hand, specifically in those circles, there is actually a dark type of racism. Their agenda, which is “Two States for Two Peoples” and separation from the Palestinian Arabs, comes because they want that the State of Israel will have a “Jewish Majority”, meaning they don’t want to see Palestinians near them. To achieve this racist goal they are willing to give over part of Eretz Yisrael, just so that they won’t have to live side by side with Arabs.

“A Multi-National State” is horrible, they claim. It’s terrible, one can imagine them saying, my neighbor will be an Arab!

How do such opinions fit with humanism and care for human rights?

The left must decide for once and for all what it is, is it the nice humanist who cares about the weak and defenseless (which is a very important thing), or is it just the disgusting racist who covers up about his real feelings by saying that he cares about human rights. 

Leftist, what is your true opinion? What do you really think, and what is your agenda? Because as someone watching from the sidelines, it is hard for me to understand. It has become harder, especially in light of Ezra Nawi's brand of "humanism". Especially since leftist condemnations of his and those who joined him in his actions are notably absent.

If you really want to convince people with your opinion and to be believed by the public, make up your minds. Make up your minds, and stick with your decision.