Only the Jews are supposed to make the Arabs happy

They produce nothing, invent nothing, but the world wants only to make them happy.

Jack Engelhard,

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Jack Engelhard
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John Kerry justifies Palestinian Arab rage on the “settlements” -- forgetting, I suppose, that Arabs are in a rage everywhere, about everything.

Only a few hours ago the Secretary of State also announced that Israeli civilians ought to be sitting ducks. They should quit defending themselves when faced with any Palestinian knife, gun or car attack, events now becoming “the new normal” throughout the Jewish State. The Jews ought to keep taking it as they used to in the good old days.

In fact both Kerry and the UN’s Ban Ki-moon are rushing to Israel to quell the violence that they blame on “both sides” – like blaming Pearl Harbor and 9/11 on both sides and blaming the woman for getting raped. She asked for it just as Israel keeps asking for Palestinian discontent, frustration, rage and plain unhappiness

If you distill all the headlines this is what they amount to – The Arabs Are Not Happy!

That is all the world cares about, making these people comfy and content and it is up to Israel to gratify and satisfy these insatiable darlings.

How about that for baloney! Need more? Moments ago UNESCO passed a resolution citing Rachel’s Tomb and Cave of the Patriarchs as Muslim shrines.
How about that for baloney! Need more? Moments ago UNESCO passed a resolution citing Rachel’s Tomb and Cave of the Patriarchs as Muslim shrines.

Because nowhere are the Arabs happy. They are not happy in Iraq, Lebanon, nor in Jordan, or Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria, nearly everywhere, and mind, these are Arabs versus Arabs, also of course Afghanistan – places where America spent tons of blood and billions of dollars, all for nothing.

Nothing works. They continue to be miserable. Everywhere.

They keep killing each other by the thousands, tribe against tribe, but as long as they keep doing it to themselves nobody is to blame.

When they bring their “frustrations” and their “rage” and their “unhappiness” to the Jewish State, presto, the Jews are to blame.

This didn’t start yesterday. When Israel finally put Arafat to the chase, he and his band of PLO thugs couldn’t get along with anybody, even and especially with their own brothers in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunis. After a murderous spree in all those places they finally got booted out.

To the everlasting shame of the Israeli Left, the brutes were welcomed back into Israel, and here we go again, only this time it’s the Jews.

Not happy with the Arabs, these people, not happy with the Jews. Time for the annual tantrum because Mommy won’t give up more candy.

Crybaby want a lollipop. This time the Temple Mount.

Always something.

Plus this time it’s Abbas who is so miserable because he wants what the Jews have (“I’ll have what she’s having,” if you remember the movie) except that he and his people have no skills to make the desert bloom, in fact they have no skills to make anything.

They invent nothing. They cure nothing. They produce nothing. They contribute nothing for themselves or for anybody else.

For all that, leave it to the Jews.

Not all Arabs are alike, plenty (I have met them) are honest and good, but this backstabbing generation is a blot upon civilization and a stain upon their own people. It is a wasted generation. My Australian correspondent Elaine Black shares this:

Kuwaiti journalist Abdallah Al-Hadlaq published an unusual article in the official Kuwaiti daily Al-Watan harshly condemning the "Palestinian knife terrorism" and the "incitement" by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Israel, he stated, has the right to defend itself and also to kill the Palestinian assailants, even if they are women and children.

Al-Hadlaq also attacked the international community for not taking Israel's side and Al-Watan was forced to remove the article from its website.

Or as Jay Garfield tells it daringly and un-muzzled throughout the news media thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline,” a book that spills all the beans – expecting peace with the Palestinians is like watching the same movie a hundred times and expecting the ending to change.

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