Take A Pill, Chill, Love The World

It could be worse, though I don’t know how.

Jack Engelhard,

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Jack Engelhard
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Yes, I took a chill pill.

Enough with being downcast. Cheer up, people said. So I found a sedative somewhere around the house and guess what, the world seems so much brighter. I’m in love. I’m in love with the world. One pill did the trick. In a speech welcoming the Pope, Philadelphia’s mayor Michael Nutter announced that “love is stronger than hate.”

The Pope said so himself. Even my rabbi says so. In fact everybody says so. I used to disagree. I used to see what’s going on and said it’s just the opposite. I said that hate makes the world go round. Just read the headlines. But I’ve changed my mind. My readers turned me around.

They read my recent columns and proclaimed me depressed. “Relax,” they said. “For your own good. Chill.”

“I’m worried about you,” wrote a particular reader. “You seem upset.”


Most readers were on my side. I’d say 90 percent were with me all the way. But about 10 percent thought that I was being too hard on the world.

The world needs a break and I need a break, and here’s the point – I agreed with the minority. Time to ease off.

I’ve come to realize, thanks to readers worried about my health, that’s it is not so bad. Life is grand.

All we need is love, right? Love…love…love. So much of it going around, this thing called love. It’s in every song. Watch me sing.

So worry about me no more. I’m in. Consider this a rewrite for the previous six columns or so that were “too hard-hitting” against certain types of immigration. I now see this in a different light. Taking back what I wrote before, I think it’s delightful that a million men coming from Syria are changing the face of Europe.

I think it’s fabulous that many of them are en route to the United States and changing the face of America. Fantastic!

The Pope, speaking in Philadelphia, urged more of this influx. Notice I am not saying “invasion.” That was the old me. The new me says, “the more the merrier.”

Yes, the new me (at least for this column) even uses clichés, and is not bothered by the fact that these men are arriving without women. Who needs women and who needs women of the past when there are so many women of the future waiting for them from Stockholm to Philadelphia?

Do not be troubled because the BBC falsifies the entire story. It’s simply the usual media deception that’s happening all over. Nothing new. Be happy.

[Repeat after me]: I am not afraid. I am positively thrilled about this different culture coming in from Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan.
It could be worse, though I don’t know how.

In Philadelphia the Pope said that we should not be afraid of “different cultures.” Who’s afraid?

I am not afraid. I am positively thrilled about this different culture coming in from Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan.

I used to be troubled by the fact that most of these men were quite possibly deserters. They ran from the fight.

Now that I am cured, I say, who cares. Who gives a damn? About anything! It’s a different culture. Why even our own culture is different.

We kill living babies and no matter how late the pregnancy, Democrats says go ahead and abort.

That’s because it’s all about love. Yes…love…love…love.

Love makes the world go round. Even in Afghanistan.

Over there our troops are forbidden to interfere when they catch one of our “allies” sodomizing a boy. They must remain silent. It’s official policy.

If you are reading this for the first time, well, it’s true, and if you shudder at the thought – don’t. People won’t say you are in love.

People will say you are depressed.

Don’t be depressed. Be like me. Cheerful. Upbeat.

So Americans are expected to turn the other way because --- well because it’s a different culture.

Their love is different from our love.

Ask the Israelis. They know what to expect from that different culture. They get it every day.

They can tell stories about being on the receiving end of the most brutal forms of daily terrorism – but who wants to hear this?

That might keep us from being lighthearted and remember, this column, even this world, is all about being lighthearted.

We do not want to get upset with so much good feeling going round.

All men are brothers! Do you believe? Yes, I believe! 

Only a few days ago the top mullah from Iran told us not to take it too seriously, y’know, when he and a million Iranians take to the streets and chant “death to Israel” and “death to America.” Come on. This is not what you think. This is simply a different culture. Actually, it’s about love.

For the sake of our happiness, prosperity and peace of mind, we had better start getting used to it, and fast, as fast as they keep coming.

While Christians in America have been celebrating so much goodwill thanks to the Pope’s visit, meanwhile Christians in another part of the world…

Oh never mind. Let us not get glum and start getting depressed all over again. Let’s talk about love, so much love going around that it hurts.

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. His novel “Indecent Proposal” was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. His latest thriller, largely about media bias and deception, is “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Website: www.jackengelhard.com