No Reconstruction in Gaza until Hamas Changes its Tune

What Israel's policy with regard to Gaza should be.

Ted Belman,

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רצועת עזה

A recently released UN Report warns that Gaza could become  ”uninhabitable’ by 2020.

This report alleges the number of homeless at 500,000 which represents 1/3 of the population there. No way. BBC World News asks in July “Why is Gaza reconstruction so slow?” and puts the blame on Israel ‘s restrictions, of course. It is a pure propaganda piece i.e., sob story, as is the UN Report.

But it reports that 100,000 were left homeless, not the 500,000 alleged by the UN report, and only 12000 homes were destroyed.

The UN and the PA propaganda machine, aided by the West, blames Israel for the lack of reconstruction when the real culprit is Hamas. No one blames Hamas for causing the problem in the first instance.

Had Germany not been utterly defeated in WWII, it would not have been rebuilt.
So long as Hamas, supported by a majority of Gazans, maintains their ultimate goal of destroying Israel, Israel has no obligation to assist in the reconstruction.

In fact, Israel should refuse to cooperate with the reconstruction until such time as Hamas agrees to live in peace with Israel or is utterly defeated.

Ibraheem Shaer, a Hamas fighter, caught entering Israel in July from Gaza, tells Shin Bet, materials for rebuilding are being diverted to tunnels. He told investigators “that material for Hamas’s war infrastructure is now being brought into Gaza under the guise of reconstruction programs.”

Had Germany not been utterly defeated in WWII, it would not have been rebuilt.

What should happen is that the Gazans  who are homeless should be allowed into Europe or the US or where ever. Thus there would be no need to rebuild.

And if the West really wants to avoid the cycle of war and reconstruction, the west should absorb all the Gazans and allow Israel to annex the land.

What the UN ignores is the failure of Hamas to make peace with Israel, preferring to blame Israel for preventing reconstruction.

There is no chance of this happening because the West condones the Muslim desire to destroy Israel as further evidenced by the Iran Deal which was entered into without regard to it.