The POTUS wrote off Jewish Blood for his Pact with the Devil

Mullahs and ayatollahs are free to threaten a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. And chant death to America. Obama is busy protecting Iran from Israel.

Steve Apfel

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Steve Apfel

Nuclear talks dependent on Iran moderating its craven conduct were never on the cards. Obama strived for one goal, and only one: to stop Iran making The Bomb. So he declaimed, fired up after announcing the deal he had set his mind on getting, come hell or high water. Finally he had chased down the devil and made a pact with it. The POTUS (president of the United States) had his signature legacy and Iran, for a time, would have no Bomb.

Tom Friedman of the New York Times talked to the President at the height of his triumph. He wanted people to know what that triumph really was. “Don’t judge me on whether this deal transforms Iran. Judge me on one thing: does the deal prevent Iran from breaking out with a nuclear weapon for the next 10 years, and is that a better outcome for America, Israel and our Arab allies than any alternative on the table?”

This table played a much bigger role than tables normally do. Above all it had to be clutter-free. Any side issue, if it offended Iran, had to be taken off the table. For that reason the issue of Americans held hostage was removed. So was Iran’s vicious rhetoric against Israel, not to mention its world-wide web of terrorism. Had America and its partners brought these and other side issues to the table, Iran would have turned around and walked away. Then it would have made The Bomb. According to Obama.

The Iranians knew one thing for certain: they’d got out of jail, not on parole, but with the license to spend one hundred fifty billion.
So mullahs and ayatollahs were free to threaten a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. And chant death to America. Add Obama’s well-known aversion to bombs from the sky or boots on the ground, and considering the ephemeral red lines he draws, Tehran grasped that targeting Jews, or Israel itself, would invite no reprisal. To the contrary: America would protect Iran.

Had the President not looked the other way when Iran acquired ground-to-air Russian S-300 missiles that could block an Israeli assault on nuclear silos? Had he not slipped into the back of the nuclear agreement a pledge to co-operate “through training and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage.” Here was Obama protecting Iran from Israel. Not vice versa. It was not just the deal of the century but the swap of the century: firm friend for a reptilian foe.

From such warm mullah-coddling, the regime grasped that Obama was one hundred percent committed to making a pact. Meaning, after all was said and done, that he’d find ways to exonerate any cheating they did. So dictators would get their Bomb. And redouble their terrorism with gusto. Team Iran hooting with mirth after the nuclear deal was signed: what did it know to America’s cost? Or to the cost of Jews, alive or already killed?   

The Iranians knew one thing for certain: they’d got out of jail, not on parole, but with the license to spend one hundred fifty billion. Their lot was not crime and punishment, but crime and magnificent reward. Many Jews were dead and Iran would have the means to eliminate, Allah willing, many more. Team Iran thought of its handiwork in downtown Buenos Aires, and hooted with mirth. They would have pictured a square building, now locked down like Fort Knox, with that pathetic black billboard erected by the Jews of Argentina. The eighty five names scrawled in white paint are barely legible.

Iran’s victims were in the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) on the morning of July 18, 1994 when a Renault truck pulled up and detonated a payload of ammonium nitrate and TNT. The six-floor AMIA building fell like a pack of cards. For weeks rescue workers picked through the rubble to retrieve corpses and body parts. Three hundred living Jews emerged, mangled in body and mind. The mastermind was Iran, the executioner its proxy terror group Hezbollah. There’d been a ‘trial run’ two years earlier, when the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aries was brought down in identical manner. Twenty-nine died in that bombing, one hundred forty-two were afflicted.

Here were two side issues that Obama, with his mind set on a deal – any deal - removed post haste from The Table. To  make Iran, in turn, feel magnanimous. It was no easy impediment to remove. It took some high and mighty actors to do it. It necessitated deft shuffling and criminal fixing ere Tehran would stoop to grace The Table.       

Enter Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, another Eva Peron in her beauty and blinding ambition. The Argentine President, in a volte face, began to barter with Iran. De Kirschner undertook to scuttle a decade long investigation into its bloody attack if Iran sold her its oil and bought her Argentine grain. Enter Alberto Nisman, government prosecutor and hero Jew. By now Nisman had compiled a million-page case on the AMIA bombing, and lately a secret three hundred page case against de Kirschner and her cronies. The latter disclosed that they “took the criminal decision of inventing Iran’s innocence to satisfy commercial, political and geopolitical interests.”  

The monumental investigation of the AMIA bombing had made Nisman a world celebrity. By 2006 he managed to indict seven Iranian members of government, including a former President and Foreign Minister for planning and directing the horrible deed. Later he secured international arrest warrants for five of the seven, effectively locking them inside Iran.

On January 14, 2015 Nisman’s real big moment arrived. He released details, accusing the President of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to bury the AMIA case. “The order to execute the crime came directly and personally from the President of the Nation,” Nisman wrote. A public outcry ensued. Nisman was summoned to testify before the Argentine Congress. He told friends that he feared for his life, but was determined to see the case through. Days before presenting his testimony to Congress he texted a friend: “On Monday I am going in strong with evidence!” He failed to survive as far as Monday. The night before his date with destiny Nisman got a bullet to the head in his bathroom. In the trashcan police recovered a draft legal document that cleared the way for Kirchner’s arrest. What is not clear is whether the document contained evidence of American involvement in the Kirschner plot.

What is clear is that Western diplomatic sources told World Tribune that Washington twisted Argentina’s arm to end, or at least fudge, the investigation of Iran’s involvement in the crime. It was to be Iran’s reward for coming to The Table. More than once Administration figures  met with Argentine leaders. “One of the first demands by Iran to (Obama’s) administration was that Argentina be pressed to drop arrest warrants,” said the source close to the country’s leaders. “Within months, this meeting was followed up with a higher level meeting in which Argentina was asked to lay off. Buenos Aires” according to the source, “eventually complied.”

Obviously there’s more to dancing with the devil than meets the eye. Some grand presidential design might be on the cards. Perhaps POTUS (in his own words) is remaking Iran into “a successful regional power.” A detente may be brewing between the world’s powerhouse and the world’s sour pickle jar.

Whatever the truth, one thing is clear: the POTUS had to write off Jewish blood to get his pact with the devil. Who knows, but Gog and Magog and the End of Days are that much nearer.