Ten Years After the London Attacks, the British Still Don't Get it

Prisoners of their freedom, they proclaim that they will not change their "lifestyle"; instead they censor the founding values of civilization.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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London mourned the dead and the mutilated on the tenth anniversary of the massacre of 7 July 2005. Fifty-six victims at the hands of suicide bombers with birth certificates from Luton, Bradford, Manchester. A few days ago, at a beach on the Mediterranean, Jihad  returned to kill thirty Englishmen.

But ten years later, they still do not get it. 

We did not understand that the terror that struck the British metropolis was a war, not the idea of ​​a few fanatics, but the vocation of choice of the best examples of integration, boys and girls, Muslims who attended the Foremarke Hall of Repton which counts among its alumni writers like Christopher Isherwood and former archbishops of Canterbury. Boys and girls who listened to Coldplay, wanted to change the world and were photographed with ministers (as was Reyaad Khan, a leader of the British cell obeying the orders of the Caliph).

A figure? It comes from Shiraz Maher, of the International Center for the Study of Radicalization: "There are more British Muslims in Isis than in the British Military".

International Center for the Study of Radicalization: "There are more British Muslims in Isis than in the British Military".
Ten years ago the West, England was one of those who brought the war to the heart of the Middle East, and while in London, British citizens were attacked on the bus and metro,  in Baghdad terrorists murdered the Egyptian ambassador. Ten years later, we are in retreat and the lie has become commonplace - in the words of the then British ambassador to Rome, Sir Ivor Roberts: "Bush is the most effective recruiter for al Qaeda." 

Ten years later, those who are not retreating are the Islamic warriors who know English democracy and how to use it. Shahid as usual.

Imams such as Anjem Choudary and other "heavenly prophets" continue to make a mockery of English liberty, the most indispensable in the world. The think tank Student Rights Group has just revealed that every year in UK,  universities held conferences for hundreds of Islamic extremists. 

Ten years ago, Tony Blair appointed as consultant Tariq Ramadan, the brother with double tongue. Ten years later, David Cameron who took as a consultant? Tariq Ramadan. Because we did not understand that the background and foundation of Jihad is multiculturalism, this garden of delights with hundreds of Sharia courts on which we do not put a noose for fear of ideological incorrectness, places filled with submission to Allah and where Islamic terrorists are justified or denied.

Ten years from the bombings at King's Cross, we repeat the same script: hiding the images of pain so as not to scare people; hiding that the bombers, old and new, are insiders.

We are prisoners of our freedom, but we proclaim that we will not change our "lifestyle"; instead we censor the founding values of our civilization. 

Samuel Johnson once said that anyone who is tired of London is tired of life. Ten years later, isn't it that we are more and more tired and they are increasingly unmoved? Meanwhile, for ten years, they continue to arrive by plane, train or bus, they blow up and repeat that they love death more than we love life. 

Terror as usual in the decadent West.