How You can Influence Policy Guidelines for the New Coalition

A good look at the challenges facing the new government.

David Bedein,

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David Bedein
credit David Michael Cohen
By April 30, 2015, it is expected that a new Israeli government will adopt new policy guidelines for the new governing coalition.

Besides Iran, the new Israeli government must cope with following challenges of the Palestinian Arab reality.

1.     ​The PLO charter of war to destroy Israel remains unchanged.

2.     Although the ​PLO signed ​the ​Oslo ​”​Declaration of Principle​s” with Israel in 1993, with ​an explicit ​promise to recognize Israel, denounce terrorism and cancel its charter to destroy Israel​, the PLO ​never cancelled its ​​charter and n​ever ratified the ​”​Declaration of Principles​”​

​3.     The ​PA ​and PLO ​​support policies to keep descendants of refugees from the 1948 war in ​UNRWA ​facilities, promising “right of return” to villages that existed before 1948.

​4.     The PA ​has ​established ​a ​new school system to promote ​”​​values” of Jihad, martryrdom, and ​the right to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine​, by force of arms​.

​5.     ​The PA exports these “values” around the world, especially on campuses, by financing Israel Apartheid Week and BDS.

​6.    The PA ​fostered a ​”​murder incentive program​”​ to pay those who kill ​Jew​s​.

A new ​Israeli ​government could condition relations with the PLO/ PA on the following principles:

1.     Cancellation of the PLO charter to destroy Israel.

2.     PLO/PA Ratification of the Oslo “declaration of principles”.

3.     Cancellation of the current PA curriculum.

4.     Cessation of the “Right of Return” policy promoted by UNRWA and the PA.

5.     Termination of the PA “Murder Incentive Fund” to pay those who kill Jews.

6.     An end to PA support for ISRAEL APARTHEID WEEK and BDS.

A proven way to influence policies of the Israeli gov't:

As many people as possible must write short letters to members of the new Knesset with​ reasonable demands that the guidelines to the new Israeli gov't include firm positions on PLO compliance, as stated above, with a demand to condition further negotiations with the PLO on the cancellation of The PA war curriculum and PA murder incentive fund to pay anyone who kills a Jew.  

How? E-mail  members of Knesset & follow up ​with ​letter​s​ ​- hard copy​, by envelope. 

E-Mail addresses of all Members of Knesset can be found in Hebrew by clicking here, in English by clicking here, and in Russian by clicking here.

The mailing address of the Knesset is: