Anybody in the Mood for Another Islamic Country?

Has anyone at all woken up?

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Arab leader who giggled his way through the solemn anti-terror rally in Paris, is ready to try the UN again.

He wants recognition of “Palestine” as an independent state (which it never was).

Should he get the required votes this time around (plus surmounting the other legal hoops) that would up the number of Islamic countries to 58.

That would also make it the 23rd Arab state.

Upon his most recent try, the Arab statehood measure fell short by one or two votes. Can’t remember exactly, but this I do remember:

The French voted in favor. True, this was before the bloodbath in Paris. This was before President Francois Hollande got his wake-up call.

If Israel gives in (and cuts its own throat) finally there will be peace on earth. Ask Jimmy Carter. Ask Tzipi Livni. What can possibly go wrong?
But did he wake up? Did anybody wake up?

Some people, maybe. But still, from progressives in Israel and from Liberals outside Israel, nothing has changed. Israel, they say, must give in.

Israel must cut itself in half and consent to a two-state solution – to make Hamas happy and to make Fatah happy and to make Hezbollah happy.

That is only a partial list of all the people who would be happy. We aren’t even mentioning the UN, the EU (France included) and the US State Department who will be dancing in the streets.

More than that, if Israel gives in (and cuts its own throat) finally there will be peace on earth. Ask Jimmy Carter. Ask Tzipi Livni.

What can possibly go wrong?

I am writing this a day after news from Nigeria. Boko Haram, it is reported, just got through murdering 2,000 Black Christians.

I could have written this a day after news from Pakistan. The Taliban, it is reported, walked into a school and guns blazing murdered more than 100 children.

I could have written this a day after millions of Syrians ran for their lives to the nearest border to escape butchery at the hands of their own tribesmen. 

I could have written it any day. The atrocities keep coming,

I could have written it a day after an Arab terrorist in Israel firebombed an Israeli vehicle and set fire to a father and his gorgeous 11-year-old daughter Ayala. 

This terrorist was most likely heeding the call, the call that came from Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas who urged his people to run over Jews or kill them “by any means.” This is the same Abbas who uses “any means” to prove himself a reliable peace partner and neighbor.

He also keeps providing samples of what Israel would look like with himself and his people living side by side with the Jewish State. Try Syria as his model.

Every day brings new evidence of what a 23rd Arab country would look like – smack in the middle of Israel.

If I’d been on the ball, I would have written this the day after Rabin, in 1993, shook Arafat’s hand and after the Oslo Accords were signed. These deals legitimized the PLO, created the PA, and under such “peace terms” the Palestinian Arabs embarked on killing sprees that took the lives of thousands of Israelis.

I could have written this the day after Israel vacated itself from Gaza in 2005 paving the way for Hamas to launch 25,000 rockets at Israel.

The number is just a guess. If anything, it is more. The million and a half Israelis who live along the border with Gaza, they know the exact number, you can be sure.

They could count the missiles from their shelters, where they spent half their lives, and they could count the bombardments in their sleep.

So what was my question? Oh – does the world need a 58th Islamic country? Does Israel need a 23rd Arab country in the heart of Israel?

Yes, that was my question.

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