Anna Baltzer Must Not Be Allowed Into Israel

If she enters, it will be a case of snatching defeat from the hands of victory. And the writer is trying his best to keep her out.

Lee Kaplan,

צילום: INN:LK

We are mourning the murder of a three month old baby by a Hamas terrorist driver at a light rail station in Jerusalem. Another recent Arutz Sheva news item has two Israelis driving in Jerusalem and confronted by Arab youths, who, after determining they are Jews, begin stoning them and their cars. The victims went on to recount how the police were indifferent to their plight.

Meanwhile, the day before that, the media tell us that the Israeli government is providing free medical care to Hamas leader Ismail Haniye’s daughter. The father of an IDF soldier recently killed in Gaza is staging a protest. Does anyone else care?

Uri Avnery’s mother, an Iraqi Jewess who escaped to Israel, once told her son the Jewish state ended when Moshe Dayan let the Arabs remain in Judea and Samaria back in 1967.  Some say Israel  ended with the Disengagement in 2005. I say it occurred right after the Passover Massacre when Ariel Sharon had Arafat surrounded in the Muqata with 200 terrorists inside. This was the 14th time the IDF had to go into Judea and Samaria due to terrorist attacks. One F-16 could have flattened the Muqata and wiped out a good portion of the terrorist leadership. The Arab population in the PA could have been guided to find new leadership, but the same tired serial killers were the only ones Israel (under US pressure) would deal with. Nobody really cared. The ISM was created during that standoff and was allowed by the Israeli government to have breakfast with Arafat. Nobody cared.

When John Kerry spouts nonsense about Israel being responsible for ISIS and settlements the reason for no peace, he doesn’t really believe it. This has been US State Department policy all along and he’s just decided to be the most vocal Secretary of State about it. The US State Department hacks have consulting contracts and other perks to cash in on with the Arabs when they retire and the lives of 7 million Israelis against that are meaningless. Nobody seems to be able to break this open.

There’s a woman in the US named Anna J. Piller who heads the Hamas lobbying arm for the BDS movement aiming to ruin the Israeli economy and de-legitimize the Jewish state. Anna’s mother is of Jewish descent but Anna wasn’t raised to be Jewish and by her own admission knows nothing about the religion. Anna doesn’t care either.

The Arabs parade her around as an example of a “good Jewish woman” who is opposed to Zionism as she leads the BDS Movement in America. The Arabs seem to have decided that American Jewry, mostly secular, doesn’t really care all that much about Israel either and can be tricked into supporting the dismantling of a Jewish state to create a new Arab one. They even try to convince people it’s a “human rights” issue to destroy the Jewish state for yet another Arab cesspool of dictatorship and Shariah Law or communist rule.

Anna has just headed a conference in San Diego where plans were laid out on how to accomplish this.  

Israeli ships are being assailed  by Latinos and some labor union members and prevented from unloading cargo in US ports. Boycotts of businesses that provide services to Israelis are also being worked out. One new idea has been to spread a lie that the black youth shot in Ferguson, Missouri was shot by a police officer trained in Israel (an absolute fabrication).  Nobody is fighting this canard.

Anna Baltzer is planning on visiting Israel October 25th to November 9th with an ISM group called Interfaith Peace Builders who are anything but what their title suggests. They are ISM activists and coming to Israel to coordinate with Arab irredentists and Israeli radicals who want the state brought down. They return to the US and lead lectures where they claim IDF soldiers abuse Arab children, but have stepped up a notch. now the tale decided at the conference  is that they rape Arab children. (This is an original lie, because an Israeli leftist received a prize several years ago for her paper claiming that IDF soldiers are racist because they do not rape Arab women.)They go on a tour in the West Bank where they are told such stories then go back to the US and tell the lies on college campuses all across America.

I’ve been beating my brains out trying to get the government to not let Anna Baltzer enter Israel, nor her group of ISM buddies. It looks like she’ll be allowed to enter—again. She’ll do it under one of her many aliases, no doubt as Anna Nardie, Anna Lambrecht, Carolle Corsuy or her real name Anna J. Piller. But rest assured, she’s the same scumbag,  Anna Baltzer.

A colleague and I tried to get the government to halt an ISM program called the Olive Tree Initiative which does the same thing. The first tours taught California college students that IDF soldiers use Arab kids for target practice and students  met illegally with Hamas leaders. The students from that tour, some Jews, returned and joined the BDS Movement.  We sent evidence to the Israeli government, nobody acted, and the program just grew and grew until today the California taxpayer subsidizes all the trips from every University of California campus.

Israel kept out the UN’s Richard Falk, and they deported ISM leader Paul LaRudee after I gave the topic a lot of negative publicity back in 2006, so maybe, just maybe there are some Israelis who do care about letting this virago into the country and will demand the government keep her out.

Here’s your chance , Israel, take some action. Show that you care.