ISIS' Complaint

The EU, the US, and the world will have to deal with the terrorist-monster of their own making.

Mark Langfan,

OpEds נתניהו ואשטון בפגישתם הבוקר.
נתניהו ואשטון בפגישתם הבוקר.
Mark Langfan

Rodney Dangerfield was an American stand-up comic whose signature catchphrase was, “I don’t get no respect.” Islamic State (IS) must feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of the Islamist terrorist world. They must be asking themselves, “Arafat, the master-terrorist, got invited to the White House. Iran, the terror-state, is getting a nuke via Obama, and IS is being hit by hellfire missiles. What's going on?” 

The EU, the United States, and the Muslim world are now getting the ultimate return for decades of extorting Israel to bow to Palestinian Arab terrorists and for appeasing terror-state Iran with nuclear weapons.  The world has taught Islamist terrorists that terrorism pays, and pays big - the bloodier the terror, the bigger the reward.  Now, the EU, the US, and the world will have to deal with the terrorist-monster of their own making.

Instead of the “West Bank,” first give IS “West Iraq.” And, if that doesn’t help, throw in all of Syria.
The Islamic State terrorists rampaging through Mesopotamia and the Eastern Levant have to be confused.  For decades, they have seen the Palestinians committing terrorism against the Jews of Israel, against American citizens and American diplomats.  And what happens?  Arafat gets a Nobel Peace Prize, and the murderous Palestinian Arabs get a rocket–firing terrorist entity in Gaza.  The IS terrorists are puzzled, because based on the EU’s approach to Israel, why isn’t the EU inviting IS representatives to Geneva hotels to negotiate a land-for-peace deal? 

Haven’t the EU and the US told Israel for years, “you have to negotiate with your enemies.” and, “this person’s terrorist, is that person’s freedom-fighter”?  In the politically correct EU and Obama world, IS is someone’s “freedom-fighter,” and clearly is also “an enemy” of the US and the EU.  Why not negotiate with IS to  give them a terrorist state of their very own? 

Haven’t the EU and Washington harangued Israel for decades, claiming there is no military solution to the Palestinian/Israel conflict, there is only a ‘political solution; therefore, Israel must concede to blood-thirsty murderers.  Now is the chance for the EU and Obama to show Israel that they apply the same principles to the rest of the world as they do to Israel.  Instead of the “West Bank,” first give IS  “West Iraq.”  And, if that doesn’t help, throw in all of Syria.  IS murdering Shiites is no worse than Hafez al Assad murdering Sunnis. Maybe the Sunnis of Syria will even feel empowered to eject IS if Assad is liquidated.

But we all know that’s not going to be enough for IS.  IS sees that Shiite Iran is a US designated terrorist State that Obama is enabling to build a nuclear bomb.  IS reasons that if the US is enabling Iran to have a nuclear bomb, Obama can enable IS to have a nuclear bomb. 

In fact, that might even be good MAD strategy to contain a nuclear Iran.  If the IS Sunni-state obtains weapons of mass destruction, they might contain the nuclear Iranian Shiite-state.  Mutually-Assured-Destruction (MAD), requires equally rational actors to mutually threaten each other.  MAD doesn’t work if one of the nuclear parties is rational and the other nuclear party is irrational  

Since IS and Iran are both irrational, MAD might work so that they mutually contain each other.   And, who knows, maybe they will mutually destroy one another, and leave the rest of us alone.