The Israeli Mothers were Wrong to Speak at the UN

That morally bankrupt institution should be boycotted.

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Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
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I miss David Ben-Gurion’s famous statement “Oom, Shmoom”, meaning “The UN – who cares?”

That is why I didn’t rejoice when Rachel Fraenkel spoke in Geneva at the United Nation’s Human Rights Council. It was a moment of incredible naivete.

Mrs. Fraenkel was brave and strong, but the mothers of the Israeli students should not have spoken at the UN. They granted moral and political legitimacy to the world’s most anti-Semitic institution. The Jews must stop playing according their enemies’ guillotine.

The UN stood silent when three innocent young Jews were kidnapped on the way back home and criticized the Israeli response to find them. Their mothers should have set up a global campaign against the UN, not beg for its help to rescue their children.

By boycotting the UN, Israel will not risk any isolation, since it’s already a pariah in the UN and the word “Jew” has become, once again, an accepted insult in the global square. 

The UN is the global arena where Jews are demonized as a tribe of racists and killers, where Iran’s priests incite to burn the Israeli people, where Harvard professors daily compare Hamas’ beheaders to the anti-Nazi resisters, where hate material such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or school maps without Israel are being disseminated and where Islamic clerics can call to kill Israeli fetuses.

The UN should be dismantled.

Where was the UN when Eliyahu Asheri was kidnapped and executed by Hamas? He looked at life with a smile, and was hitchhiking home in Itamar when they caught him. He was only a kid, executed with a bullet in the head on the day he was kidnapped. Then the murderers took his identification card and used it to extort money from his family.

Where was the UN when Ofir Rahum was kidnapped and executed by Arabs in Ramallah? Ofir lived in Ashkelon. One day, he received a message on his computer from an older Palestinian girl who lived in Ramallah. Without telling anyone, Ofir put on his best clothes and took the first bus he could. The girl came to pick him up in Jerusalem. He didn’t even realize when the car entered Ramallah and was kidnapped by terrorists led by a satanic woman. It is difficult to describe what they did to him. Ofir was Jewish, naïve and innocent.

The United Nations members love to see the Jews suffering.

Last night, in Rome the Jewish community rallied for the three kidnapped Israeli teens. It was an important but sterile gesture. Nobody cared about them. In the morning, a photo of the three teens was hung on the walls of the synagogue.

Israel must not beg for the world’s solidarity, but instead send it a simple message:

-The IDF and the Shin Bet will find the terrorists and execute them like Israel did with Adolf Eichmann;

-The Israeli kidnapped students are not “occupiers” in Judea and Samaria, but native sons who came back home;

-Terrorists must die and suffer in prison, where they should not be allowed to get a university degree;

-The “peace” formulas are just recipes for disaster and killings.

The international community, Barack Obama, the Pope, the Western newspapers, the Presbyterian Church and the “chattering classes” profiled in Tom Wolfe’s novels, are all dribbling to see Jewish blood. 

To the Spanish fascists who shouted “Viva la muerte!”, the Republicans didn’t respond with “Please, listen”, but: with “No pasarán”. They shall not pass!