Divrei Azriel: Blowing Our Own Trumpets

This Dvar Torah is by Eliyahu Wittenberg. Divrei Azriel is edited by Yechezkel Gorelik & Yonoson Kenton.

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In the middle of this week's parsha, Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) is commanded, "Make for yourself two silver trumpets... they shall be yours for the summoning of the assembly and to cause the camps to journey" (10:2).

Commenting on this verse, Rashi quotes the midrash and states "They shall be made from your own supply; you shall make and use them to the exclusion of any other."

Thus, even Yehoshua (Joshua) could not use the trumpets Moshe used.

The Sefer Ke'Motzaei Shallal Rav explains that from this we can learn a very deep lesson. The tools which were used in one generation to call the nation together, in order to move the camp, will not be the same ones which are necessary to call together and move the camp in future generations.

That is to say, those tools and techniques, which the leader used in order to inspire and bring the people to a greater awareness of Hashem and His Torah, change from generation to generation. Those successful techniques of yesterday's generation, which boasted amazing results, might have destructive effects on the current generation.

Every leader has to determine which avodah (effort) is appropriate for his generation and which is not. Every generation has its challenges and difficulties. The responsibility of a leader is to understand the needs and characteristics of the time in order to ensure that the tools and techniques implemented will have positive and fruitful results.

In truth, this applies not only to those in leadership positions, but to all of us who relate and interact with the current generation. We are all called upon to create new "trumpets" which will be suitable for the present and bring the Jewish people closer to Hashem and His Torah.