Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Jew or Israeli?

Israel has gathered in the exiled populations of all the tribes that could be identified.

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Dr. Jonah Lissner,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7

Introduction: The Definition of Names

A "Hebrew" is defined as one of an ethnotribe of native Levantines or Nilotic peoples, comprised on Indo-Asian, Semitic, Hamitic or Kushitic peoples from the era or belief of Abraham, and the Abrahamic ventures before and contemporary to the Israeli Exodus from Egypt, e.g. Israeli, Kurds, Druze, Arameans, South Nilotic Africans and related peoples. Hebrew is also the language of the Israelis and as an Afro-Asiatic language group is again related to Aramaic, Amharic, Arabic and other languages.

"Israel" is defined as the name of the Patriarch Jacob after his vision of perseverance and he who Fathered the 12 ancestral tribes of Israel, and all since descendants world-wide, e.g. Israeli or 'Israeliim.

"Jew" as an inaccurate name in this definition furthermore describes a citizen and inhabitant of what we know as "Judea", or "Land of Judah" during the Classical era and the post-Babylonian wars against Assyrians, Hamanites, Syrian-Greeks and Romans, in alliance with our traditional spiritual and ethnographic allies from Indo-Hebrew Parthia [Kurdistan and India] and Afro-Hebrew Kush [Nubia and Ethiopia]. 

The word "Jew" we have become in the Exile or Galut accustomed to using erroneously, is defined as a derivative word from "Juda", "Jud-ean" and "Iud-ean", meaning inaccurately to denote all Israelim of all the tribes as being from the Hebrew Yehudah first used by Romans and Greeks, and later by Arabs and Europeans.

The Past: Defining the Purpose of Israel

This term "Jew" and "Jewish" has become so commonplace that anyone calling themselves "Jewish" today serves to enhance the clout of the word "Jew", which designated into a colloquial logism, the mighty man and tribe of "Judah" or properly Yehudah, only 1 out of 12+1+.5+.5 tribes of Israel [including Leviim and Kohanim]. This apparently innocuous usage has worked to make the Anglo-Roman name "Jew" into an "official" religious designation over time and space in history thereafter utilized by politicians and laymen of the European nations, Israeli or Gentile.

It is understood instead that the primary and original definition of Israel for the nation of the Torah is the transliteration for "Persevere with the Lord", and the generations of the original Patriarch Yaakov and his Children and their own progeny of 12+1+.5+.5 Tribes [Reuven, Shimon, Levi, Yehudah, Dan, Naftali, Gad, Asher, Yisachar, Zevulon, Yosef, Manasseh, Efraim, Benyamin], Israel across space and time in not only Europe but also Africa and Asia. 

Therefore the erstaz name-substitute "Jew" for Israeli and Nation of Israel has served to distract from our great inheritance of primary, original Afro-Asiatic, Hebrew and Israeliim Torah observance and worship at Beit Mikdash or Beit Knesset in Yerushalayim. 

The Laws of Torah were given to the Hebrew Afro-Asiatic [Indo-Hebrew and Semito-Kush] Levantine people and the descendents of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. The name "Jew" instead casts us in some "European affect" or ethnotribe. When in worship do the Israeliim ever call ourselves "The nation of Judah" only? Is deliverance from Galut unto Judah, or unto all of the original Afroasiatic Tribes of Israel or K'lal Yisroel?

The Purpose of Israel For the Present and Future

The proposed modern definition of the secular nation Medinat Yisroel as a non-religious definition is therefore incorrect usage of the word Israel and by extension the true purpose of the Nation of Israel as observers of Torah. Medinat Yisroel as a secular, non-Israeli entity, is not explicitly inclusive of the primary and original definition of Israel as would be expected instead in a Re-Unified idea of Eretz Yisroel inhabited by its indigenous inhabitants, the descendants of AbrahamAvraham, Isaac Yitzhok and Jacob Yaakov.

It must be understood and rescinded that we are not a Romano-European religious cult or secular ethnogroup of "Jews", by extension living in Europe, Oceania or the Americas as a said quasi-European subgroup, and there is no therefore such accurate thing as Greco-Roman, or Secular "Judaism" for the people of Israel. The reason for the control and definition to strengthen our own mission is paramount for Israel as a nation, country and people among the other nations. 

Only The People of Israel, and the observance of Torah at the Beit Mikdash or "House of Sanctification" or Beit Knesset, "House of Congress" truly exist by accordance with The Rule of the Historical Continuity of Primaries [Author] by which the very nation was so begun historically and in perpetuity, and must be strengthened by our own people's definitions and perseverance, and not by the arbitrary political definitions by non-Israeliim of our own Nation.

Accurately re-defining ourselves universally as Israeli or Israeliim and not "Israelite", being a Hellenic word, we are working together as all Tribes of Israel, to strengthen and build the name and the idea of the land of Israel even for all of the Hebrew tribes which are indigenous and native to the Afro-Asiatic regions of this world. 


The Years 1944, 1947 and 1948 and 1949 are marked as the Years of Independence from foreign rule in Modern Ethiopia, India, Israel and China; the years that the great nations of Asia and Africa began to throw off the yoke of foreign rule. It is this historical precedent that can work to enliven our hearts and our pride in our own Nation's methods of worship and assembly.

By these definitions our complete inheritance can therefore be defined as Israeli, and our language Hebrew. Therefore to all Israeliim in the Galut or Diaspora, we will continue to build strong inter-tribal bonds within and outside the Eretz Yisroel in our own way and with our own brethren nations. That the Beit Mikdash of David and Solomon, and Zion of the Torah, be Rebuilt Speedily in Our Days B"H.