Sharia Comes Home to Roost in Beverly Hills

Suddenly Hollywood is up in arms.

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Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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Did someone say boycott? Yes indeed. Hollywood is boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel and it’s got nothing to do with BDS.

Well that’s a start.

I always associated Beverly Hills with Ozzie and Harriet, America’s perfect couple, and their son Ricky, America’s perfect Kid.

How did the Sultan of Brunei get into the picture?

I also used to think that the Chrysler Building was the pride of Manhattan, but it is also the pride of Abu Dhabi, which owns the building.

You might wonder why some people come here to blow up our buildings when buying them up is the better Jihad. “The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country.” That’s not me saying that; it’s Paddy Chayefsky from his masterful 1976 movie “Network.”

Turns out that from another part of that world, my good friend the Sultan of Brunei owns the swanky and legendary Beverly Hills Hotel (among other surrounding properties) and that didn’t bother Hollywood too much, until now. Brunei, as you know, does not have very many churches and synagogues, which may be for the best.

Steven Spielberg probably failed to show up for the rallies. He was giving Obama a humanitarian award because it was Wednesday.
You may not want to be in a country where you can get 50 lashes for jaywalking and stoned to death for a broken taillight – and that’s the rub.

The sultan has introduced Sharia penal codes into Brunei. Sharia is not quite hospitable to gays, women, men, or to anybody.

Jay Leno and Jeffrey Katzenberg are among the big names out there talking boycott unless the sultan retreats and stops being so silly. Leno’s heart is in the right place, in fact we need more like him, but that cannot be said for many other Members of the Academy.

Steven Spielberg probably failed to show up for the rallies. He was giving Obama a humanitarian award because it was Wednesday.

Besides, Obama generally bows to sultans.

Let’s remember that Sharia keeps happening all across the United States without Hollywood making a fuss.

As if to say -- Sharia? Okay in your house, BUT NOT IN MY BACKYARD.

Kids from elementary schools all the way up to our universities are being coerced into paying allegiance to Allah. I am talking about the United States.

Silence or even bravo on all that from Hollywood, which means complicity.

What Hollywood and the rest of us all across America keep forgetting is that you cannot have some Sharia. You can’t say it’s okay here and it’s okay there, and not expect the virus to spread everywhere! You cannot be slightly pregnant and you cannot have a country that is slightly Islamic. It is all or nothing,

Back in 2009, Obama told French TV, “If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

In other words, if you like Dearborn, Michigan, in about 20 years you will love the rest of the United States.

That means polygamy is coming, or it’s already here, and that means forced female genital mutilation is coming, or it’s already here.

So the feminists who have joined the rallies and the boycotts against the Beverly Hills Hotel may have arrived a dollar short and a day late.

After 9/11, I asked a screenwriter friend what it would take to get Hollywood to wake up to Islamic terror. “When they bomb Paramount Pictures,” he said.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is close enough.

Hollywood is always ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille, but not quite ready for it wearing a burka.

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