No More Free Passes for Abbas' Bad Behavior

Abbas has gotten a free pass since President Obama stepped into the White House.

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Dr. Joseph Frager,

Dr. Joe Frager
Dr. Joe Frager
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The world forgets he financed all of Arafat's terrorist actions including the Munich Massacre.
Much has been made of Secretary of State John Kerry's insulting and hurtful comments regarding Israel.

First he blamed Israel for the failure of negotiations by using "poof" to describe how an ill conceived, pie in the sky peace plan fell apart. Second, he used the anathema "apartheid" word to condemn Israel.

Secretary of State Kerry is, however, only one of Israel's problems and not the main one. Israel's main problem is Mahmoud Abbas and his continuous shenanigans. He has acted, as predicted, like Yasser Arafat with an Yves St. Laurent tie and a Brooks Brothers suit.

Peace is furthest from his mind and recognition of Israel as a Jewish State is even further away. His recognition of the Holocaust as a "Heinous Crime" despite his PhD thesis minimizing the degree of how heinous a crime it was, fits well with his Machiavellian, conniving and devilish ways.

He knows well how to behave like a diplomat when the time calls for it, but this hides his more sinister and overarching evil self. People forget he was Arafat's second in command. The world forgets he financed all of Arafat's terrorist actions including the Munich Massacre. He was the "brains" behind Arafat.

He has played America like an easy fiddle, raising hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxpayer money to finance his own lavish lifestyle and continued terrorism. His latest pact with the world acknowledged Terrorist Organization "Hamas" and it gives one a glimpse of how conniving this man is.

This was his answer to President Obama and John Kerry for all of their efforts to make Peace.He poured gasoline upon the flames just as Arafat did after he bolted from the Camp David Peace Talks with Bill Clinton and started the Intifada of 2000.

His remarks, on the heels of his pact with Hamas, on the heinous nature of the Holocaust was a ploy to downplay the criticism he was getting for his Hamas Agreement (which in essence calls for Israel's Annihilation) and to gain sympathy for the plight of his people whose lot he has only made worse.

All the while John Kerry did not say one negative word about Abbas' Pact with Hamas. He did not call it a pact with the devil, even though that is precisely what it is, and he certainly did not use the type of negative language against Abbas that he only reserves for the State of Israel.

This is far from a new phenomenon. Abbas has gotten a free pass since President Obama stepped into the White House. When Abbas did an "end around" maneuver against the President by going to the UN to obtain UN Observer Status despite the President's objections and apparent frustration, the PA was never "punished" for this very "bad behavior". Abbas knows fully well that the President and his Secretary of State do little to restrict him and do nothing to punish him

If Abbas continues to get a free pass he will indeed go all the way to the Hague to bring accusations of War Crimes against every Israeli. For the record it was never Israel that failed to negotiate in good faith, it was Abbas all along but not a peep out of the White House. He always planned to go to the UN and to the Hague.

A true leader would have made Abbas pay for going around him to the UN to begin with. A true leader would have stopped giving Abbas any more American Taxpayer money. A true leader would not have given him and will not give him any more free passes.

Israel, for its part, has to renew its time tested ways of retaliating against every terrorist incident that occurs as they did years ago. The PA and Abbas have to know there is a price to pay for continued terrorism. Forty Israelis have been murdered by terrorists in the past year and not one has been answered adequately.

Israel releases terrorists from its jails at the request of Abbas and Kerry, and Israel pays a very heavy price. What price has Abbas paid for his conniving and devilish tactics? It is high time for Abbas to finally hear from America and Israel too - no more free passes.