Medea Benjamin: Deported From Egypt, Admired by Obama

The real story of Medea Benjamin's deportation from Egypt.

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Lee Kaplan,

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It took our agency to notify the Egyptian security personnel at the embassy in Washington D.C. that Hamas uses lanterns inside their tunnels...
Last week Medea Benjamin of Code Pink was stopped at Cairo’s airport by Egyptian security and ultimately deported to Turkey to be sent on her way home. Our agency, was responsible for this.

Subsequent reports elsewhere suggested the deportation was because of a photo of her taken in Tahrir Square during the riots that led to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak. But that is not the real reason.

The real reason Medea Benjamin was deported from Egypt and denied access to enter Gaza was that she was on her way to provide material support to Hamas in Gaza  in yet another trip there for phony “humanitarian reasons”, with celebrating  International Women’s Day as her cover.

The Women’s Day conference was in fact a ruse to get Benjamin and another 100 ISM interlinked people from Code Pink and other countries into Gaza to aid Hamas. Everyone knows that women living under Hamas rule are treated as chattel - as they are in all the conservative parts of the Islamic world. Medea Benjamin and her cronies have no concern for such abuse by Hamas and the other terrorist groups. But the notion of helping women’s rights sells well in the West and gives Benjamin a cover for what she was really up to.

And the “Woman’s Day” event she was touting is actually a holdover from a Stalinist event put on in the Soviet Union in 1934, so it allowed Benjamin and her fellow wannabe communist revolutionaries and acolytes a communist-inspired venue.

Born Susan Benjamin to a Jewish family in New York about sixty years ago, Benjamin changed her name to Medea, the mythical Greek woman who murdered her children to get back at her husband. That should give some idea of the woman’s mental state; in fact, many of the “Jews” in the ISM are anti-authoritarian and getting back at mommy and daddy by damning Israel and the Jewish people. She lived in Fidel Castro’s Cuba  which she described as being “in heaven,” but was deported by Castro’s government for being a troublemaker there. After that, she had the good sense not to go live in another communist country.

Benjamin first came under’s radar when she sent $600,000 in “medical supplies” to the Iraqi “resistance” at the height of the battle for Fallujah where our marines were being killed and losing limbs in house to house battle. Incredibly, she got this act cleared with the help of a Jewish congressman, Henry Waxman, and former President George W. Bush. Her claim that this was needed for humanitarian reasons won them over.

Never mind that those medical supplies were probably sold on the black market to further finance the killing of U.S. and coalition forces. Benjamin will support any communist insurgency in South America, North Korea or Cuba. Despite this, this anti-capitalist virago has two retail shops where she makes money for her revolutionary plans - and she enjoys non-profit status thanks to the U.S. taxpayer.

As with any good Stalinist communist wannabe, her main target is Israel and until recently she provided a sinecure for the transsexual anarchist Dalit Baum within Code Pink, paying her to promote the boycott of all of Israel at American colleges. Benjamin personally brought a letter from the Hamas “foreign minister” to President Obama during one of her Support Hamas visits.

What readers should find most disturbing is that she has gained credibility with the White House, is at least able to use the connection as a sounding board. Medea Benjamin heckled President Obama during a speech in Washington and Obama actually allowed her to speak over him.She was complaining about the U.S. military using drones to fight Al Qaeda in Yemen and keeping prisoners of war in Guantanamo.

“Release them today!” she demanded from the audience. The drones, of course, save American lives and destroy Al Qaeda, but Obama gave some credence  to her complaints and later cut back on the use of drones, assuring her of the Taliban and Al Qaeda releases soon. Better to let U.S. soldiers die on a battlefield or let Al Qaeda have a pass to kill more people than to upset Ms. Benjamin. Her partner in founding Code Pink is Jodie Evans, an heiress to a Jewish industrialist’s fortune, a man who supported Israel while alive, Evans must have really hated her ex as she spends his fortune on anti-Jewish activities.

The Egyptians are still reeling from terror attacks by Hamas and their Muslim Brotherhood allies that  killed 16 Egyptian policemen. When Jews were killed it was another matter, but now the murders are striking home. Accordingly, the Egyptians have begun closing down the weapons smuggling and terrorism tunnels that Hamas has been building.

The Israeli control is on the importation of contraband that can aid Hamas terrorism: it is only allowing food and real humanitarian supplies into “Hamastan “ via the Erev Crossing. The Egyptians opened the Rafah entrance to Gaza once for Hamas but closed it seeing that it  only led to the recent attacks on their own people. Hamas used tunnels to smuggle goods not taxed by Egypt, but also to smuggle Al Qaeda and other terrorists into the Sinai to attack Egyptian troops  as well as the IDF.

After having had enough of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Hamas offshoot, the Egyptians outlawed Hamas in Egypt and closed the Rafah border to Gaza. In turn, Hamas has allied itself with Al Qaeda and been using tunnels to continue smuggling weapons and to prepare for a war with Israel that will include extensive use of tunnels.

And it is here we learn the real reason Egypt deported Medea Benjamin and wouldn’t fall for her efforts to get inside Gaza based on phony plans to show respect for women. Stop the ISM learned through email intercepts and last minute internet solicitations that Medea Benjamin claimed she was bringing with her lanterns and flashlights for the allegedly besieged Palestinians in Gaza. She claimed she already had clearance from the Egyptian embassy to do this before she left, but that is hard to corroborate given her penchant for lying about anything to further her revolution.

It, in fact, took our agency to notify the Egyptian security personnel at the embassy in Washington D.C. that Hamas uses lanterns inside their tunnels, lined along the walls so that their personnel can see and transport weapons and terrorists more easily. This is what those lanterns were really for. In short, Medea Benjamin and Code Pink were bringing material support for terrorism in order to facilitate terrorism for Hamas in Gaza.

The U.S. government should be prosecuting Benjamin for this or at minimum Code Pink’s 501c3 status be removed, but given President Obama’s warm feelings for this woman, it’s not likely to happen. A picture of one of these lanterns, made by a company called Camelion, was prominently displayed on the Code Pink donation site before her trip, but was [not surprisingly] removed after she was caught and deported by Egyptian authorities to avoid the real reason for her deportation getting out.

Who knows how many Egyptian and Israeli lives have been saved by preventing Medea Benjamin from pulling off her latest scam to aid Hamas? Stop the ISM will continue to keep an eye on her activities, but it is up to all Americans, Israelis and Egyptians to no longer allow this harpy to peddle her support for Hamas while claiming she is working for “peace.”

She can be counted on to find other ways to bring material aid and funding to Hamas and keep the middle east conflict roiling, so it is up to good people to stop her as happened this time.