How Israel Abandoned the 'Settlers'

Netanyahu's statements on isolated Jewish communities is really the longstanding unofficial policy of the IDF.

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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It is time of trial for the Jewish people.

In the last few months there has been much talk of giving up Jewish communities, of abandoning “the settlers” to their fate under another Arab-Islamic dictatorship. But the brave and honest Jews of Judea and Samaria have already been abandoned by the State of Israel and its oligarchy.

The Jews of Judea and Samaria, who are stronger than the Israeli apparatus, have been exposed to a permanent danger. Their lives have been put in severe jeopardy.

Despite the fact that “the territories” have been the scene of terrorist attacks that take place only a few minutes’ drive away from the urban center of Israel, the Dan region, the Jews living in Judea and Samaria have been used as guinea pigs by the security establishment which likes to talk about “the danger of Jew fighting Jew”.

The Jew of Judea and Samaria controls the “settlement” in which he can live and the road leading to his town, but the area surrounding it has been de facto given over to the terrorists. And more significantly, Jews have been deprived of the right to defend themselves and even to be protected, as proven by the missiles that rained on Gush Katif with no reaction from the IDF.

The unofficial but successful IDF policy is to get its soldiers out Judea and Samaria, thus exposing the “settlers” to threats so as to make them despair and abandon their homes, or at the very least to foment a security situation that would prevent the natural growth of a community. These Jews must become passive pawns in the political surrender of their homes.

The IDF turned their back and the civilian rear has been placed on the front lines of the battle. Despite the undeclared state of war in Judea and Samaria from 1987 to today, the residents and the army have been forbidden to use weapons to repel the bloody attacks. Because in Israel’s eyes, both sides are equally aggressive, “the settlers” and “the terrorists” (or are they "militants"?), so that the attacker and the defender are placed in the same boat.

In 1987 the Army Chief of Staff, Dan Shomron, distributed Alistair Horne’s book “Barbaric War for Peace”  to convince his commanders that one has to learn from the French precedent, in which “although the French won militarily, they were still forced to evacuate Algeria”. This is the anti-Semitic logic of the IDF: to Shomron, Judea and Samaria are morally and territorially equivalent to French colonies across the ocean.

The justice system has also already created an atmosphere in Judea and Samaria according to which Jewish blood is expendable and Palestinian Arabs can massacre Israelis. The Israeli plan to isolate and intimiate “the settlers” worked so well that most of the civilian population is unprepared to defend themselves today. Successive Israeli governments made stripping Jewish civilians of their weapons their top priorities while allowing the Palestinian Arabs to smuggle weapons.

The governments succeeded in portraying “the settlers” as pogromists who could only benefit humanity by disappearing. These Jews will have a choice: being massacred or abandoning their homes.

Will this plan succeed? We don't know.

What we know is that the State of Israel bravely rescued the Ethiopian Jews, but dishonourably abandoned thousands of Jews 40 kilometers away from Jerusalem.