In France, Muslims are Freedom Fighters, Jews are Nazis

This is how history is skewed and the present is falsified.

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Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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In 1943, the French-Nazi forces arrested a French Resistance group called the “Manouchian Group”. Half of its members were Jewish and they were executed on Feb. 21, 1944. Seventy years ago.

Benoît Rayski, a French historian, recently went to speak to students at a vocational high school in Mantes-la-Jolie (north-central France) about that famous anti-Nazi group.

Before the historian entered the class, the schools’ officials asked him to refrain from mentioning that they were Jewish. It would be preferable if they were described as “immigrants” and “foreigners”.

Why such self censorship? Because
French officials don’t want Muslim students in France to know that Jews died fighting the Nazis.
They prefer that they think those Resistance fighters were immigrants, just like the Muslims are.

“You know, with Palestine and all that ... “, said the teacher. So in France, Jewish heroes who were called “terrorists” by the Nazis cannot be mentioned today, while the Islamic terrorists who are fighting the Israeli heirs of those eleven Jews are labelled resistance fighters.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the “Palestinian territories”, the self-hating Jew Richard Falk, compared Hamas terrorists to French resistance fighters during World War II: “Imagine the situation being reversed as it was during the Nazi occupation of France or the Netherlands during World War II”, Falk said. “Then Resistance fighters were uniformly perceived in the liberal West as unconditional heroes, and no critical attention was given as to whether the tactics used unduly imperiled innocent civilian lives. Those who lost their lives in such a resistance were honored as martyrs. Mashaal and other Hamas leaders have made similar arguments on several occasions, in effect asking what are Palestinians supposed to do in the exercise of resistance given their circumstances, which have persisted for so long, given the failures of traditional diplomacy and the UN to secure their rights under international law”.

Back in the early 1980s,  French president Francois Mitterrand was accusing Israel of using Nazi methods. And let us not forget to mention two famous French personalities: Stephane Hessel, a member of the French Resistance, who presented Gaza as the epicenter of global injustice and Hamas as a pacifist charity, while Jacques Vergès, who was one of France’s best known lawyers and a  former French resistance fighter, defended Palestinian terrorists.

A few months ago, the famous, government-subsidized Jeu de Paume contemporary art museum in Paris featured 68 photos of Palestinian suicide bombers. And in the museum’s accompanying brochure, the curators of the shameful event compared the Palestinian Arab terrorists with the French resistance which fought the Nazis.

In 1969, a newspaper of World War II French veterans of the resistance movement condemned Arab terrorist activities which it charged were “Nazi-Inspired”. “La Voix Internationale De La Resistance” published the text of a statement adopted by the Action Committee of the Resistance, a body representing four French resistance groups, and condemning “the Nazi inspiration of the Arab extremists". The group challenged the likening of the “terrorist and racist action of the Palestinian commandos to the French resistance”.

But since then, lies have become mainstream. This is how it goes in today's anti-Semitic France: the Palestinian terrorists who slit the throats of the Fogels are hailed as “resistance fighters” and “liberators”, while the Jews are demonized as “occupiers” and “Nazis”.