Stop Iran and Stabilize Syria, Weaken Fatah and Hamas

It all hangs on one strategic move and now is the time to do it.

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Stanley Zir,

Stanley Zir
Stanley Zir

Another laughable moment in President Obama’s foreign policy: Recently the President of the United States asked if anyone has a good suggestion on how to deal with Syria; he also said he would be open to having a meeting with them.

In American history I do not believe we ever had a Commander-in-Chief publicly ask for suggestions on how to deal with a major conflict. How can President Obama, as the Commander-in-Chief, instill confidence in the American people if he is at a loss as to what to do when facing the potential of a global crisis.

How to deal with the Syrian dust up? The answer is simple. It can be dealt with by taking military action against Iran.

With Russia, Iran's greatest supporter, facing a political upheaval in the Ukraine, there is a shift in the geo-political paradigm. America’s ship of state, once listing in the water, now has the wind at her back. The once all-powerful Russian/Iranian consortium will now become vulnerable to America’s demands.

Like Lech Walesa in Poland, Ukrainians are standing up to Russia’s totalitarian hold on their society, and looking to replace it with one that embraces capitalism and freedom. For Russia this is alarming, they need the support of the Ukraine if they are to maintain their sphere of influence.

As if that were not enough, the people in Venezuela are also rebelling and have taken to the streets to demand change. Like their Ukrainian counterparts, they have awakened to the fact that secular tyranny is not a viable ideology for the creation of jobs or for having freedom, while capitalism and a free republic is.

With the credibility of oppressive regimes like  Russia now under world scrutiny, Russia’s  influence is on the wane. Will Congress realize they have a unique opportunity to neutralize Russia’s influence in the Middle East?

Remember: Iran needs the continued support of Russia to maintain her influence over Syria and in the region, and as a buffer to prevent America from launching a pre-emptive strike against her.

As to the question of Syria, no matter what we do in Syria, Syria will still be a problem because of Iran. Now the  answer  to the Syrian problem becomes apparent. 

If the United States acts to stop Iran, that will serve to stabilize Syria, put Fatah,, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists on notice, and minimize Russia’s influence in the region – because Iran's influence will be severed.  

Cut off the head of the snake and its body will expire.