Islamic Cannon vs. Christian Sparrow

Norway is not only anti-Semitic because of its Islamist population, it is also having its public face Islamicized.

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Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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They are pushing Christianity out the door and introducing Islam through the window.
The Nrk, the Norwegian public television, qualifies itself as a "multicultural container", a "symbol of inclusion" in the country stunned by the massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik in the island of Utoya.

The television station began to transmit the Islamic prayer of Eid every year, the prayer which closes the Ramadan, from the Islamic Center of Oslo. It is part of the policy   decision to abolish the "Christian monopoly" of the festivities and to open the television to other beliefs.

But the Nrk, this time, went too far even for its ecumenical standards. So the décolleté of Siv Kristin Saellmann, one of The Nirk's most famous faces, has been "dechristianized".

The journalist had been censored for wearing a necklace with a small cross measuring two centimeters. The director of the television station, Anders Srheim, communicated the complaint to her, after thousands of Muslim and secular users protested. "That cross offends Islam and does not guarantee the impartiality of the public television". In contrast, Norwegian soldiers and other public officers have been allowed to wear the turban or the Muslim hijab.

The critics of The Nrk made the public aware that the television depends directly on the Ministry of Culture, that since last year is in the hands of a Muslim politician, Hadia Tajik.

The Norwegian columnist Sven Egil Omdal found the situation ridicolous and wrote that the prohibition against Saellmann is disproportionate: "It is like using a cannon to fire on a sparrow".

But that is just what is happening everywhere.  The Islamic cannon, allied with the cowardly secularists, is firing at the Christian sparrow.

Wallonia, the French-speaking southern region of Belgium, has renamed four major Christian holidays on the school calendar with secular names to accommodate a burgeoning Muslim population.

The Christian holiday known as All Saints Day (Congés de Toussaint) will now be referred to as Autumn Leave (Congé d'automne);

Christmas Vacation (Vacances de Noël) is now Winter Vacation (Vacances d'hiver); Lenten Vacation (Congés de Carnaval) is now Rest and Relaxation Leave (Congé de détente); and Easter (Vacances de Pâques) is now Spring Vacation (Vacances de Printemps).

They are pushing Christianity out the door and introducing Islam through the window.

Christmas has just been banned in Berlin's Kreuzberg, one of the most Muslim-colonised parts of Germany. Christmas' celebrations are only allowed at home, so that "the religious feelings of others are not injured".

Dounia Bouzar, the Muslim member of the French Observatory of Secularism, suggested to replace one Christian holiday in the calendar with Ramadan.

There is a historical precedent. In 1791, the French revolutionaries of Robespierre replaced Christianity with the atheistic Supreme Being through a parade in Champs de Mars. Today it is the turn of Islam.

In both reigns of terror, Robespierre and the Islamists, the sign of the fanatical conquest is the rolling of a head.