Can Obama Be Charged with Anti-Semitism?

How will Obama will be seen by history?

Giulio Meotti

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It was Hitler who coined the "land-for-peace" formula. The brave Czechs used all the "Israeli" arguments to protect themselves from this lethal lie.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu keeps a photograph of Winston Churchill in his office in Jerusalem; Barack Obama removed Churchill’s bust from the White House.

We still don't know how history will judge Netanyahu, but we can already predict that Obama will be seen as a new Neville Chamberlain.

The US president last week mortally endangered the Jewish people by saying, through his Secretary of State, that Jewish life in Judea and Samaria is "illegittimate". Then he almost welcomed Iran into the world's nuclear club. Isn't that the world's most significant expression of anti-Semitism?

Are Jews going to be exiled from the Land of Israel itself? Are Jews going to be served to Teheran on a silver platter? Such prospects bring to mind the memories of the 1938 Peace Conference on Czechoslovakia, held in Munich.

In Hitler's plan to conquer the world, Czechoslovakia came second, after Austria. That's the only difference compared to today's situation: that Israel's fall must come first.

As Czechoslovakia was being described as an "appendix" which must be excised, today in the Islamic and Western appeasing press, including some among Obama's staff, Israel is "a growth".

It was Hitler who coined the "land-for-peace" formula. The brave Czechs used all the "Israeli" arguments to protect themselves from this lethal lie.

Historical rights: this is Czech soil, then settled by Germans.

Security: only from the Sudeten mountain the city of Prague is defendable.

Political: after the Sudetenland is relinquished, the Nazis will not be satisfied.

Yesterday's song "Today we have Germany, tomorrow the whole world", is now being translated into Islamic, Obamian coinage: "The Green Line today, the "Blue (Mediterranean) Line" tomorrow.

Hitler staged an "intifada" of strikes, demonstrations, terror. Then he threatened war. Exactly as the Palestinian Muslims are doing today.

In Afula, Jewish blood has been shed again for nothing, just as in 1994. Jews die when the world talks "peace".

Then and now, the same simple approach is suggested:

Then: By removing the Sudeten question, the tension in Europe will be resolved. Nobody cared to think of what Hitler was really after.

Today:  We hear the anti-Semitic mantra of "occupation" as the root of all troubles in the region, the "Palestinian Problem" is being portrayed as "threatening world peace" (do you remember the European poll charging that Israel is the prime threat to world's tranquillity?), a problem whose "solution" will be a panacea.

The appeasers of 1938/39 convinced themselves that the Sudeten problem was "a grave threat to world peace". Today Obama and his Jewish-assimilated coterie says that Israel and Netanyahu are "a pain in the...".

Through his blessing the ethnic cleansing of Judea and Samaria and the nuclear deal with the ayatollahs, Barack Obama gave all of Israel's enemies a green light to attack it, since the West exposed its weakness and the Muslims will believe they have the advantage and can harm the Jewish people.

After years of speculation over whether Obama was going to give Israel the green light to strike Iran, can we now say that the White House has given Teheran the green light to attack Israel? Was the Palestinian terrorist who murdered the Israeli soldier in Afula energized by Obama's calling "to see the world through Palestinian eyes"?