That “Peace” Will Be a Holocaust

Talk of Israel's "peace" with the PLO conjures up pictures that Jews would do well to think about now.

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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2014 could be a terrible year for the Jewish people: a Western nuclear deal with Iran will turn Teheran into a threshold atomic state, while a “peace” agreement with the Palestinian Arabs will likely be imposed on the Israelis by the US.

Seventy years ago, weak Western diplomacy brought the world the "Oslo" known as "Munich", it assuaged the Islamist of those days, Adolf Hitler, groveled before him and caused, by his foolishness, the deaths of 60 million people; and all in the name of "peace".

The Jews' deportation came after the West's loss of honor.

Israel's new “peace” with the PLO, which, if it occurs, will be openly dedicated to the mass deportation of Israel’s Jews, to the Arabs who longed Hitler to win, and will be a kind of Holocaust, like the Shoah was precedeed by Western bowing to Hitler's rearmement.

A Holocaust not in the numbers nor in forcing the Jews into "Auschwitz borders", but in the erasing of an entire, historic Jewish civilization in Judea and Samaria, the Judenrein result on the entire mountain range from Jenin to south of Hevron, which is historically, culturally and religiously the Jewish Land of the Bible.

Transfering the sovereignity over Judea and Samaria means forfeiting forever any claim and rights over the areas that contained the great cities of the two previous Jewish Commonwealths, such as Shiloh (where the Tabernacle stood for hundreds of years), Beit El (where Jacob had his vision of the ladder) and Hevron (where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are buried with their wives Sarah, Rebecca and Leah).

It would be a cultural Holocaust, such as the Nazis’ destruction of any sign of Jewish life between Paris and Vladivostok. Jewish life in Gush Katif today looks like that of Kracow. Except that this is the Jewish homeland.

And when I use here the word "Holocaust", I am not saying that Israel will be the one do that to the Jews, but that it will be a mix of events: the weak complicity of America, the naivete of Jewish representatives, the immense hatred of the Islamic world, the European anti-Semitic indifference. All of them believe that Judea and Samaria are a pathogen.

How many Jews have already been killed this year because of the renewal of "peace talks"?

But it would be a strange kind of Holocaust, if they get their way, a banal vision of material well-being and regional integration, comfortable self-preservation and world acceptance. Jews will happily jump on the trains.

A strange kind of Holocaust because it is based on "consensus" and polls. Exactly as Jews willingly boarded the trains to concentration camps, believing everything that the Germans told them.

The Jews are a people very dangerous to itself.

Jews walked into gas chambers. Jews walked from Gush Katif. Will they walk also from Judea and Samaria?