"Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad": On Terrorist Release

A security projects director vents his frustration at the freeing of terrorists.

Marc Prowisor,

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Arutz 7

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not be forgiven for the sin of disgracing the memories of loved ones murdered by subhumans, in his continued release of murderers in the name of a falsely promised peace.

I am not talking about supposed combatants taking the lives of each other, but  about the barbarian terrorists who murdered unarmed innocents, among them children, in horrendous fashion.

Bibi has often attempted and succeeded in playing the tough guy. Yet he, who claims he will fight for Israel's security, now releases the murderers of our children, our brothers and sisters - and strengthens those that will continue to bear arms against the Jewish people worldwide, causing a nation to bow its head in shame and disbelief in the face of our enemies.

The headlines of all major Israeli media voice the angst and the anger against this move.  Of course this excludes Al Jezeera’s rep in Israel - Haaretz.  The people, however, in a poll, showed that 91% are against this move.

The Arabs laugh out loud at our naiveté, our arrogant ignorance and our gullibility.  We replenish their forces in return for more terror, and they, and the world, will continue to mock us by attacking us further in their quest to relieve themselves of our presence in our land.

The Bibi-led government has the “Chutzpah” to say that they will build more homes in our land as the reward for this release.

Yes, I realize that we do not know what is going on behind closed doors.  Who knows what pressures Bibi is facing, or the juggernaut of blackmail and threats that Team "O", Kerry, Indyk, and the other DC boys hold over our heads? Nor do we see into the hearts of those that grieve non-stop into an uncertain future.

The Prime Minister and his minions claim to be saving us from the great evils of maniacal Iran, his and our nightmare, his obsession and his possible last claim to fame. This, however, while he ignores an internal illness of orchestrated and manipulated self-loathing by the weak and ignorant.  This illness, spawned by enemies among us, that eats away at our ability to make sane decisions regarding our land.

So, Bibi, you think you are doing this for the greater good? Everyone realizes that you or anyone will never achieve peace with any Arab who has invented himself as a "Palestinian" and feeds himself with the continued incitement and lies against the Jewish nation.  The world snickers at the cowardliness of Israel and now chases us like a junkyard dog who senses fear.

You sir, are failing, we will not.

As I have the privilege of traveling throughout our land, even in the labyrinth of leftist parts of Tel Aviv, I witness and hear the changing minds out loud.  Not a change of sides, but an awakening to reality, our Israeli reality.

That reawakened reality realizes that the Arabs do not have leaders who want peace, or who are remotely interested in it.  That the Arabs are interested in state, an Arab state, void of any Jewish presence.  One only need to follow the speeches made in Arabic or follow the curriculum taught at any of the many UN and EU sponsored schools and camps.

Even many of the “open-minded free thinkers” of Tel Aviv are singing a different tune.

But now, Bibi hurts us once again, and all of his consorts are being questioned.. How could they disgrace us so by letting these terrorists go free. In the name of what goes on behind closed doors?

People on all sides of the political spectrum simply wait for a new prince to appear to replace our current confusion.  Bibi’s lack of direction and continued weakness is unifying more and more of our people in Israel to see who we are, and who our enemies are.

As his spine jellies, ours hardens.

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