Why do the Jews Fear the Muslims on the Temple Mount?

Is it Israeli or not? Plenty of blood was shed to make it part of Israel.

Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
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Israelis are afraid of Muslims in the most important piece of real estate on earth. They panic at the possibility of being involved in a real struggle for control of the Temple Mount. Instead of turning the 150,000 sq.m. platform in the midst of the Old City into a place of order and benevolence, the Israeli government is accepting that the Temple Mount be kept a “Jew free zone”.

This is what the latest videos from Judaism's most holy site show. These show the shame of Israel's police which has come to the point where Jews in charge of security in their own land will attack their own people and run from the Arabs.

The Israeli authorities behave like "secular" occupiers of "a land". In 1967, Moshe Dayan, after defeating the combined armies of Egypt and Jordan in six days, took control over the Temple Mount -  in the morning - making the dream of all Jews for over 2000 years come true, only to give the site back to the Muslims by the afternoon, thus risking  losing all rights to the Temple Mount forever.

Since then, it seems that the Israeli leaders think everything can be given away. Is Har Habayit, the Temple Mount,  also negotiable? By which laws can any Israeli power ban Jews from praying on this site? If Israel really believes in freedom of religion, how can it ban Jews from praying on any open air site inside its borders?

Stopping Jews from praying on the Temple Mount amounts to declaring that the holy site belongs to the Arab Muslims. The Taliban in Afghanistan removed all vestiges of Buddhism by bombing the beautiful statues in Bamhyan. Now Israel is allowing the same Islamist blasphemy to take hold on the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount, where a Jew is arrested for blinking, is a microcosm of the fight. The Muslims will continue to demand more land until there are no more Jews in Israel. Israel's kindness is answered by mayhem. By taking away the Temple Mount from the Jews,the Muslims show that the Jews are weak and helpless, also in Ashkelon and Nahariya.

Israel tries to placate the Muslims, a move which only leads to disaster and failure. You encourage your enemies by your weakness. Appeasement is a kind of slow death.

Jews can't pray on the Temple Mount, their bags are searched, but the murderers plan to take guns on the Mount. How can this be?

What about throwing the Muslim rioters in jail and allowing the peaceful Jews to worship on their Temple Mount?

Will the next "disenagement" throw the Jews out of the Old City and Temple Mount?

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