10 Questions Jewish Leaders Could Ask Abbas in New York

One example: Ask Abbas why the new Palestinian Authority city, Rawabi, built near teeming UNRWA 'refugee' facilities, will not allow UNRWA camp residents to live there.

David Bedein,

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David Bedein
credit David Michael Cohen

Tuesday morning, Palestinian Authority (PA) foreign minister Riad Malki announced that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas will meet Jewish community representatives in New York on his trip to the United Nations.

That meeting could provide an opportunity for Jews to ask probing questions of the veteran Palestinian Arab leader, whose doctoral thesis was an affirmation of Holocaust denial.

Here are 10 questions that Jews may wish to pose to Abbas.

• Question 1:

Ask Abbas about the new PA curriculum, which prepares the next generation to conquer all of 'Palestine'. Most recently, the Center for Near East Policy Research dispatched a TV crew to follow the classrooms of PA schools and PA summer camps in UNRWA facilities, where the center filmed teachings which did not focus on peace or reconciliation.

Indeed, translations of the new PA school books yield the conclusion that they focused on a curriculum of “suspended war.” These films can be seen on the home page of www.IsraelBehindthenews.com

• Question 2:

Ask the news output of the PBC (Palestine Broadcasting Corporation) radio and TV, which operates under the direct control of Abbas. Ask Abbas about the daily messages of violent Jihad conveyed by the PBC to the Palestinian Arab audience. Ask Abbas about the PBC adulation of Palestinians who committed suicide attacks, Ask Abbas about PBC news clips which laud attacks on Beersheba, Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, which PBC terms “illegal Jewish settlements.” These Israeli cities, which have been subjected to missile fire, are situated on lands lost to the Arabs in 1948 - not in 1967.

• Question 3:

Ask Abbas why UNRWA continues to confine thousands of descendants of Arab refugees to UNRWA refugee facilities, where they languish under the premise and promise of the “Right of Return.” to villages that do not exist. Ask Abbas why the new Palestinian Authority city, Rawabi, built near teeming UNRWA 'refugee' facilities, will not allow UNRWA camp residents to live there.

Question 4::

Ask Abbas about the popular Palestinian web-hosted computer program, PalestineRemembered.com, that operates throughout the PA, which helps Palestinians to locate the villages of their grandparents from 1948, even though these towns no longer exist, to prepare them for their “return”.

Question 5:

Ask Abbas about PA-controlled mosques and about the Friday incendiary messages conveyed by the mosques that function with PA funding and are under PA control.

• Question 6:

Ask Abbas about new official maps published by the PA, which show all of Israel as part of any future Palestinian Arab state, where 'Palestine' actually replaces Israel, and where every Israeli city is transformed into a Palestinian Arab city.

• Question 7:

Ask Abbas about the PA Security Force. Following the expectation that the PA security force would be engaged to crush Hamas, ask Abbas about reports of extensive Hamas-PA cooperation..

• Question 8:

Ask Abbas why the the PA has enacted no laws against money laundering for terror groups – While doing that, ask Abbas about why the PA has enacted no statutes which define any group as a terrorist organization

• Question 9:

Ask Abbas whether he will remove his widely disseminated doctorate from the schools and libraries of the PA, since Abba's thesis claims that Zionists worked together with the Nazis to murder Jews in World War II. Ask Abbas about his New Year’s speech in which he concludes his litany of praise for killers with a salute to the legacy of Hitler’s ally, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem.

• Question 10:

Ask Abbas about his recent speeches, in which he conveys consistent praise for Palestinians who have murdered Jewish civilians in cold blood.

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