Starting World War III

Obama may be starting a process whose end result will be out of control.

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Gabriel Rosenberg,

As a U.S. military strike in Syria looms, three high-profile commentators warn that it may lead to “the next World War.” They include syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck (former Fox News host who currently runs his own news network called The Blaze). This possibility is not being covered or explored by the mainstream media, but it is a real one.

First of all, let’s deal with the fact that the forces fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are dominated by Al-Qaeda and its affiliates. Senator Ted Cruz (R) from Texas stated on the Glenn Beck radio program on Tuesday that “at least seven out of nine major rebel groups are affiliated with Al-Qaeda.” Even the uber-liberal New York Times declared in April that “nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.”

Arutz Sheva also reported in April on the fact that Al-Nusra pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and in May former IDF general Uzi Dayan told Arutz Sheva “Obviously we shouldn’t support Assad’s ouster, because a weak plague is better than a terror virus that is growing stronger.”

That’s right. Assad is a terrible person and a horrible dictator, but the replacement will (most definitely) be worse.

One example of that was a viral video showing a commander of the Syrian rebel group called the Farouq Brigade in action. The video shows him cutting into the torso of a soldier, he then takes two organs out of his body, and takes a bite out of the heart of the dead solider. There are many other examples of graphic video footage, including frequent beheadings.

Assad is a terrible person and a horrible dictator, but the replacement will (most definitely) be worse.
These are the people that Barack Obama wants to arm with weapons (and, granted, several prominent Republicans do as well). Moreover, the U.S. has already sent over $1 billion in aid to the rebels and is about to debate in Congress whether or not to intervene militarily in favor of the rebels.

Congress may agree to use military force in Syria, but even if they don’t, Obama can circumvent Congress and attack Syria anyway, just like he did in Libya.

What exactly will happen after a U.S. military intervention in Syria is highly elusive, but one option is that it will spark World War III.

Glenn Beck outlined how a potential third World War would look like three months ago on the Glenn Beck Program. You can read about it and watch the highlights here. Beck and the two experts all agreed that “Syria is a lynchpin, and that intervention will have major, international ramifications.”

When Obama declared late last month that he would attack Syria, Beck warned once again of the ramifications of intervening militarily in Syria. “Now we have Russia, Iran and China telling us, ‘mind your own business.’”

Beck goes on and asks, “You go against China, who buys all of our debt?...This is World War III in the making.” Beck also points out that not only does the U.S. have to go against the aforementioned powers, but also poke “another hornet’s nest” of Islamic extremism. Watch the entire segment here.

Fox News’ #2 in the ratings Sean Hannity argues a similar path, “We’re going to look back through the prism of history, and we’re going to define this era as the rise of the radical Islamist,” Hannity said. “I am telling you it is true — and you’re seeing the formation now of what could very potentially be the next World War, because it’s not just the Middle East that is radicalized. I mean, the eventuality is Israel is going to face a moment like this at some point because all of its neighbors — you got Sunni, Shia — they’re all aligned in their hatred towards Israel.”

“At some point, Israel is going to come under fire, and good countries are going to have to come to its defense,” he continued. “But it’s going to be against radical Islam in all of its forms. You can almost see this precipitating it, if in fact the U.S. strikes and Iran gets involved and Syria gets involved and you’re going to see countries very quickly go down the middle and start taking sides. It has the potential — it’s a powder keg.”

Syndicated conservative columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer alluded to the “guns of August” in his latest article for The Washington Post, a reference to 1914 and the build-up that lead to World War I. On last Friday’s “Special Report” on Fox News he elaborated on that reference by comparing early 20th century Germany to Iran today, a growing superpower that its neighbors do not know how to contain.

Krauthammer explained, “It scares the hell out of the Arabs. It’s a Persian country. And it now has a client in Syria. The war is being driven by Iran. There’s actual evidence that the Iranian agents, the Revolutionary Guards were involved in the poison gas. Iran controls Hezbollah, which spreads terror in the Middle East and in the region. And Iran is the one driving the war. Iran is looking and it is also developing the nukes, of course.”

These three political experts all have valid points. Striking Syria could start if not a World War, at least a major regional war. And for what?

To help Al-Qaeda carve out its own country and establish Sharia law (like in Aleppo)? According to Obama’s initial statement it is just “a shot across the bows” (meaning a warning shot) to the Syrian Regime. Is that really worth it?

The U.S. will not get a hold of the chemical weapons without boots on the ground, something they have continuously said is not an option. If all the U.S. does is launch a few missiles for a maximum of 60 days, Assad can come out afterwards and say that he “defeated the great Satan.” If Syria or Iran decides to retaliate, either by attacking Israel or by using terrorist sleeper cells across the globe, we may very well have begun World War III.