Israel, Boycott the Boycotters

Israel can make life difficult for boycotting countries

Giulio Meotti,

giulio meott
giulio meott
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It already happened during the period of Adolf Hitler. Germany's economic crisis was a key factor in growing anti-Semitism in central Europe. Now an imploding Europe is witnessing another financial crisis and it scapegoates the Jews once again.

Europe's new boycott blacklist of Judea and Samaria not only violates international free trade, it is an obstacle to Mideast coexistence and constitutes the revival of racism.

It was not only in the 1930s that Europe wanted to banish the Jews to Palestine, in the 21st century it wishes to kick the Jews out of the future "State of Palestine". In fact, 900 years ago Europe invaded the Levant to secure a Christian presence in the Holy Land and liberate it from Islam. Today, Europe is giving it up to political Islam without a fight and denying herself and the Jewish people their historic claims to the Holy Land.

Instead of banning products produced by terrorists or their supporters, Europe can't tolerate products produced by Jews in their homeland. And this disgraceful boycott is not helping the Palestinian Arabs, but is allowig the world to uusing them as a pawn to hurt Israel.

The damage is serious and can't be dismissed as a joke. Fifty years of Arab boycott cost the Jewish State a whopping $45 billion in lost trade and investment. Europe's boycott could have the same consequence.

In the past the Arab blackballing of companies that merely dealt with companies doing business with Israel enlarged the circle of hatred and racism to immense proportions (Pepsi, among others, participated in the boycott, today you have the case of MacDonald's). For decades, the major trading nations of the world, including the US, did nothing to combat the boycott of Israel.

But there could be a way to fight Europe's decision to discriminate against Israeli firms which have an address beyond the Green Line. Israel should not buy from firms that support terrorist organisations or boycott Israel. Israel should not buy produce of PA and Gazan Arabs. Israel should deny the European boycotters access to HiTech goods. It is also time to move Israel's high-demand industries to Judea and Samaria, and that includes Teva and advanced weapons.

I suggest that every single Israeli invention be pulled out of the EU. Let us see then what Europe will do.

Do the Palestinian Arabs, so close to Europe's heart, produce anything except olives? Europe would be dead in a week. Jews and other supporters of Israel can inflict economic damage on these haters as well.

Also I suggest Israel's elected officials, the Yad Vashem, the Simon Weisenthal, the Holocaust Survivors and other individuals and groups send a letter to EU beaurocrats reminding them how the Nazis and their European willing assassins enslaved the Jews in their concentration camps.

Where and when was the previous scenario in which the Jews had to deal with a decree labeling issue? These grand EU officials are nothing more than cowardly anti-Semites trying to masquerade themselves as "humanitarists".

Some brave Israeli writers, if there still are some out there, should also write a letter to France's newspapers, which have turned so prolific against Israel, proposing to label that country's goods as follows: "Produced in the territory of the former collaborationist Vichy regime and soon-to-be Islamic emirate of France".

If Europe really wants to continue buying from Israel, the Jews should apply a placard saying "Liberated Eretz Yisrael" on their goods. Europe will never succeed in dividing Israel.

The former EU ambassador to Israel once said that the Jews have to decide between "Hevron and Haifa". He is wrong. It is Europe that has to decide between civilisation and barbarism.

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