Paula Deen Weeps, Alice Walker Laughs

There is politically correct bigotry and non-acceptable bigotry.

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Jack Engelhard,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
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Celebrity chef Paula Deen is a celebrity no more. She was fired from the Food Network for a racial slur, the N-word, which she uttered some time ago. She has since apologized for those hurtful remarks against African-Americans. Deen has begged for forgiveness. Nothing doing. Life will never be the same for Paula Deen.

Life is much sweeter for celebrity author Alice Walker, who remains kosher despite remarks hurtful against the Jewish people. She has made no apologies. None necessary. Despite her festering grudge against Israel and her acrimony against Jewish people in general, life is good.

A new book of hers has just been published and already she has book tours lined up across the country. She is being praised and applauded.

No forgiveness necessary for Alice Walker.

In this new book of hers, some 80 pages are given to tantrums against the Jewish people. No problem. Who cares? Last Sunday she starred on C-Span.

A few weeks earlier she was honored at the New York’s 92nd Street Y. Her fan-base remains strong and loyal.

Going back a few decades she refused to have her bestseller translated into Hebrew. No one has bothered to translate her books into readable English.

Rules of conduct that apply to Paula Deen do not apply to Alice Walker.

In her bitterness, Alice Walker reaches out for recruits, like Alicia Keys, to join her in her campaign against the Jewish people.

In German, the word campaign is translated as kampf.

Paula Deen enjoyed 11 years of success at the Food Network. She became rich and famous. Now she is scorned and she will always be subject to derision. The taint will never leave her. Some of her fans are staying true, believing her not to be a bigot. However, many are leaving her behind. She has lost friends.

She has made three YouTube postings in a bid to rehabilitate herself. No one is buying her remorse.

Here is what she says: “Inappropriate, hurtful language is totally inacceptable. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along with the way. But I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners – I beg your forgiveness.”

No such luck. What is good for Alice Walker is not good for Paula Deen.

Paula Deen made a mistake. She deserves a measure of reproach.

Some may ask, where is the touch of forgiveness in a nation that prides itself in Judean-Christian leniency?

Paula Deen is broken-hearted over her mistake.

Alice Walker is only doing what comes naturally. The academic Edward Said was once caught throwing stones into Israel from Jordan. Asked why someone of his stature would do something like this, he was surprised at the question. “Why, that’s what everybody does,” he responded with a laugh.

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