Whistle-Blowers Expose US Government Criminality

Regardless of the motive behind blowing the whistle, exposing criminal activities in the Obama administration, perhaps, was the only way to target a government that is spinning out of control.

Dr. Joe Tuzara

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Dr. Joe Tuzara

The latest in a string of scandals from Benghazi consulate attack  and the ensuing cover-up, IRS unfairly targeting conservative groups, illegal arms trafficking in the Middle East and Mexican drug cartels to the explosive disclosure of a massive federal wiretapping program by an ex-CIA analyst working for the highly secretive National Security Agency (NSA) was a landmark event in President Barack Hussein Obama's unwanted legacy.

Why shouldn’t it be?

The cynical, selfish and intriguing scandals across the Obama administration’s aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers have at least shifted the debate between national security concerns and every US citizen's right to personal privacy.

Not surprisingly, the deadly dilemma faced by the mainstream media was not because of Uncle Sam's secret snooping program,  but about distorting information given out by the Obama White House, who "have changed their stories and misstated key facts".

Arguing for that matter, that the government's claim that the "NSA program had been helpful in thwarting terrorist attacks" isn't likely to hold water.

Obama’s assertion that "every member of Congress had been briefed on the phone and Internet surveillance conducted by the NSA" was a blatant, deliberate lie.

In the end, The New York Times, which twice endorsed Obama's wishful agenda in the past, has finally "turned on the president -- saying the administration has lost all credibility."

After all, safeguarding the constitutional rights of every citizen who is a victim of circumstance is what mattered most in the USA.

Although there is no question that national security should be a priority, the NSA whistleblower's allegation of criminality brought into the light Obama's abuse of the Patriot Act.

Interestingly, despite the sophistication of wiretapping technology code-named Prism- why were the Benghazi attacks and Boston Marathon bombings allowed to happen? Why a cover-up? Why is the government on the defensive, if they are not hiding something away from the American public?

Unequivocally, the acts of the current administration are reprehensible and abhorrent. Still, it is inconceivable and difficult to understand why Obama deliberately tramples on the US Constitution he has sworn to protect, disparages the US military, shows contempt for our veterans and continues to betray American values, our allies and friends, particularly Israel.

When will the American people wake up to the realization that Obama is a fraud, will they wait until the next spectacular disaster?

Sir John Dalberg-Acton was right when he said, "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".  Because "absolute power corrupts", the prevalent greed in the Church of the Democratic Party was even worse than any political machine you could have ever imagine.

And the silence of the mainstream media is extraordinarily foreboding.

Nonetheless, the enslavement continues as the federal government has created a vast empire of entitlement society going to the dogs.

Is the palpable silence of the lame duck Congress somehow, in some way, connected with the "Prism" program that endangered congressmen's careers and the lives of their families? Are the subtle threats from Obama's retaliation working? Your guess is as good as mine.

The presumption that the Obama administration did nothing wrong because they are in line with FISA court order (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), " both within the US and between the US and other countries," does not mean they are not guilty of corruption by authority.

In a situation such as this, a deceitful government that continues to peddle lies, absolutely has "lost its credibility" to govern effectively- a casus belli for  impeachment.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives who has the sole power for impeachment (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5) likewise has lost all credibility to act when elected members try to save their own skin.

Always bear in mind, in case the government unapologetically perpetuates abuses on its own citizenry, Americans have the unmistakable right to overthrow a tyrannical regime, as a last resort.

Contrary to what most people would like you to believe, the disclosure of classified materials by people sworn to protect them, is, from the legal standpoint, considered treason.

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu committed high treason against the State of Israel when he revealed details of Israel's nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986.

In like manner, the stealing of classified secrets by Jonathan Pollard, an American who passed classified information to Israel while working as an American civilian intelligence analyst, is a classic example in the cultural lexicon, of espionage and treason.

But, we do know that not all incidents of espionage are illegal.

In the latest NSA scandal, Edward Snowden's shocking allegations was so far no different. Despite knowing full well the consequences of his actions, he also passed classified secrets to the British press, The Guardian.

Only time can tell, but right now it appears Snowden's betrayal is similar to a conscientious objector in the military refusing to serve in the armed forces on the grounds of conscience.

Rather than being complicit de facto facilitator of widespread violation of citizen rights in the Obama administration, he made a difficult decision  that could inspire others to come forward and force the government to own up to their mistakes or perish.

Legal pundits believe that "if you divulge classified information to expose the government and you don’t reveal a clear legal violation, you’re not, under current law, a whistle-blower."

But for those who work for the CIA or NSA might not be lucky under the federal Whistleblower Protection Act. Most likely, Snowden could be prosecuted under the Catch-all Espionage Act of 1917 like Bradley Manning, on trial for the Wikileaks data dump.

Regardless of the motive behind blowing the whistle, exposing criminal activities in the Obama administration, perhaps, was the only way to target a government that is spinning out of control.

In the long-term, however, we can safely assume that this revelation by itself, hopefully will provide us with an enormous oversight and clear safeguards against criminal activities by a government that is supposed to make us safe in the future.

The question is, who are the traitors?

A deceitful administration involved in illegal wiretapping of US citizens or one conscientious objector who tries to rein in a corrupt  government's power grab?

Obama's failure to protect our ambassador in Libya, letting him be murdered by Islamists and the reported refusal to give presidential directive to rescue and save other American lives was an inexcusable classic example of treason and betrayal.

What about the government providing funds and arms to Islamists or hostile forces responsible for the murders of Americans in the Middle East? It is treason at the highest level of government, but people couldn't care less when the government commit crimes in secret.

In the true sense of the word, Congress and Obama, who hasn't passed a budget for over 5 years, and who are causing 800,000 federal employees to be furloughed while the IRS spent over $50 million on parties and conferences, are traitors.

The stark reality, however cruel is this: when national security trumps on personal privacy, security almost always prevails.

And, looking at the way the Patriot Act has been outlandishly manipulated at the expense of precious liberty, there seems to be is a heavy price to pay for freedom's sake.