Jewish Harvard Students: Be Smart!

Original and spunky, the writer tells Harvard students how to fight hate crimes with a smart counter-attack.

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Orit Arfa,


Jewish students were the victim of a vicious “hate crime” by the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee during “Israel Apartheid Week.” It’s not a “crime,” per se, more like a clever annoyance. You gotta hand it to the Muslim groups. They know how to instigate. Read more about it in Arutz Sheva.

To highlight the fake “Palestinian” plight of Israeli evictions of Arabs from their homes, they put notices in front of Jewish student dorms that say: “We regret to inform you that your suite is scheduled for demolition in the next three days.”

The Muslim student unions fight dirty, and what do Jews do? Complain that they don’t feel safe. Complain this is not a “peaceful” demonstration of Palestinian rights. Complain this is an abuse of freedom of speech. Ask for protection. Go crying to superiors.

Wrong. The only way to fight this tactic is with a smart counter-campaign. Create notices to put along the dorm rooms of all Harvard students. I’m sure the brilliant minds at Harvard can cook something up. Make the Muslims go cry to superiors. Fight fire with hotter fire.

Let’s start the brainstorming here. What should the notices say? What do you think of this? Students at Harvard (or any campus for that matter) who are brave enough to do this, contact me at

Eviction Notice

Jews must be expelled from all Muslim lands or else live as dhimmis (second class citizens).

If Jews do not leave this land, preferably at the hands of other Jews, we have the right to kill you in the name of jihad. Failure to comply with sharia law which commands that we kill Jews or make them dhimmis under Islam will result in more shahids being sent to murder Jewish women and children. All lands granted to the new state of 'Palestine' will be judenrein.

(Since the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, over twenty thousand Jews were the victims of wars and terrorist attacks initiated by Muslim Arabs out of anti-Semitism and religiously mandated violence. They have sought to deceive the public into thinking their cause was just. And, no, this is not a real notice.)