Intimidation and Racism

If it acts, talks and thinks like a racist, it may very well be one.

Ron Jager,

Ron Jager
Ron Jager

This past week we saw the worst side of Obama's character - his ability to intimidate those that oppose his agenda, whether domestic or international.

For many, the worst comes out under stress. Obama is under a great deal of stress these days, so it's not surprising that White House staff threaten iconic journalists like Bob Woodward, who exposed Watergate leading to President Nixon's downfall and resignation.

What big crime did Woodward commit? He proved that it was not the Republicans who were responsible for the sequestered across-the-board budget cuts being mandated by law, but that Obama himself and his administration cooked up the scheme before his re-election.

On the international front, even the major Jewish organizations simply sat out the past few weeks, avoiding any confrontation with Obama as he shoved Chuck Hagel, an unrepentant anti-Semite and pro-Islam Secretary of Defense, down Congress' throat.

There is something menacing in Obama's manner, in which he sends clerks to do his dirty work and make sure that any serious challenge to Obama is quickly distinguished before it gains any steam.

So as we approach March 20th, the expected date of Obama' s visit to the State of Israel, we already have  reports emanating from undisclosed sources that Obama expects Israel to present a timetable for withdrawal from Judea and Samaria. This typical Pavlonian reflex by Obama - to always demand Israel commit national suicide while not demanding that the Palestinian Arabs make even the most modest concession towards Israel - proves that Obama is nothing more than a racist.

When Obama patronizes the Palestinian Arabs by holding them to a lower standard of behavior, as he does with all Arabs, he is acting like a racist. When Obama chooses to ignore that the Palestinian Arabs purposely target women and children, while hiding behind their own women and children, as they fire missiles or throw grenades, a war crime against humanity, Obama is acting like a racist. When Obama never demands that the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza be brought to court in the Hague and be tried for crimes against humanity, and instead gives them a free pass for barbarism, he does so because his actions are racist.

Obama doesn't believe that the Palestinian Arabs are capable of civilized behavior because he thinks like a racist. The Palestinian Arabs can blow up Israeli's all day long and Obama's double standard will never hold them accountable, only because Obama acts like a racist. Obama chooses to ignore that the Arabs in Israel and the Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria have more political rights than in any Arab country in the world. Obama does this so as not to shatter the myth of the apartheid state that has been so quickly labeled on Israel, and Obama does this because he behaves like a racist.

Since Obama's behavior is racist, he chooses to ignore that every time the Palestinian Arabs feel that they have his back, they choose to attack Israel and commit religious and political genocide of the Jews in Israel. The true agenda, the true narrative is not territory or justice, as Obama so dishonestly likes to pretend and convince himself.

The true agenda is a religious fulfillment of Islamic scriptures that demand the wiping out of the Jews, all of them. Islamic Jew hatred as mandated by the Koran has been around long before the establishment of the State of Israel, but none of this seems to bother Obama, that’s because he is actaully a racist.

Nothing will change in the Middle East until Obama holds the Palestinian Arabs to the same standard of civilized and responsible behavior as is demanded of all those that belong to the civilized world. Only when Obama demands of the Palestinian Arabs to stop with their primitive blood vengeance can they move into the 21st century. Of course Obama won't demand this kind of change from the Palestinian Arabs; he would prefer to continue with his pathetic racist understanding of their cultural limitations.

Obama's inclination to intimidate those that challenge him and his policies like he has done recently with Bob Woodward, or with the Major Jewish organizations is a by product of a racist mentality. Obama would never challenge or publicly humiliate an Arab leader or an Arab people, but he has no qualms in doing exactly that with average Americans who just happen to be exercising their constitutional rights, something that is alien to all Arab and Islamic nations anywhere in the world.

As Obama boards Air Force One and prepares for his visit to Israel, I would suggest that he should stop intimidating those that disagree with his world view, and make every effort to leave his own racist mentality behind at the White House, only then can he stop making excuses and ignore the regressive and dishonest negotiating tactics of the Palestinian Arabs.

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