Europe, Stop Supporting Israeli Extremists!

Europe supports organizations that have almost no public support in Israel. Why?

Ronn Torossian,

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Ronn Torossian

When the world isn’t killing the Jews, it spends way too much time worrying about the State of Israel.

The latest news comes courtesy of a new report by NGO Monitor which published a report titled "NGO Reports to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits in 2012". It is simply flabbergasting to read and discover that European foreign governments are so involved in funding the far-left in Israel.

At least thirteen political advocacy non-governmental organizations were funded by Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands at a total tune of 21,671,115 NIS!

The money was received primarily by organizations who are very left-of-center in Israel and are involved in highly biased delegitimization campaigns against Israel. The majority of these extremist organizations are involved in extremely divisive activities in Israel - and their viewpoints barely received representation in the recent Israeli elections.

Extremist and radical left organizations like B’Tselem, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I), Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), Yesh Din, Bimkom, Ir Amim, Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Hamoked, Geneva Initiative (H.L Education), Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), and others received funds.

Yesh Din receives 94% of its funding from foreign donations like the European Union.

B’Tselem is also funded by the EU and organizations opposed to Israel.

These organizations receive extensive foreign media coverage as “Israeli left-wing organizations”, when in reality they have barely any Israeli support. They are public relations machines created largely by anti-Israel funds.

Why is it that these European governments deem it acceptable to intervene in internal issues of the State of Israel, the closest ally of the west?

American President Barack Obama in 2012 reportedly told American Orthodox leaders that Israel’s elected government was “extreme right.” In 2008, Obama said: “I think there is a strain within the pro-Israel community that says unless you adopt an unwavering pro-Likud approach to Israel that you’re anti-Israel, and that can’t be the measure of our friendship with Israel.”

In reality, the Likud is a centrist party – and who is Obama or Europe to dictate whom a free people should elect as their leader?

Why is the world so concerned about the Jews, when only a generation ago they ignored our people?

Extremists endanger lives, and support for these dangerous extremist organizations neglects the reality on the ground and the will of the Jewish people.

America, Israel and Europe face a united enemy of terrorists – and therefore, encouraging Israeli extremists is the wrong foreign intervention and very dangerous.

Can’t they just leave the Jews alone already? Neighboring countries like Syria and Iran need European help – let the do-gooders go there and leave the Jews alone.

Ronn Torossian is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist.