A Lebanese Writes on the "Hizbullah Ego-Trip Cancer"

The Hizbullah is hitting Lebanon hard and mercilessly like a cancer and the Lebanese people on all levels and in all domains, including Hizbullah families, are the victims.

Elias Bejjani,

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Arutz 7

The frightening Hizbullah's devastating cancerous ailment is hitting Lebanon hard and without mercy and the Lebanese people on all levels and in all domains are the victims.

The most dangerous sign of this killing ailment is the inflated ego-entity of Hizbullah's members and supporters. The destructive effects of their inflated ego-entity are not only threatening the Lebanese who oppose Hizbullah's Iranian schemes and occupation, but are most severely damaging Hizbullah's own community, supporters and members.

It has become very clear that Hizbullah's milieu, and inner circles on all levels are living a very serious sickening grandiose delusion through which its armed as well its unarmed members and supporters do not respect the rights of all other Lebanese and accordingly deal with them with a sense of superiority. In this situation, the group hit most by this false inflation is Hizbullah's own community, where not even one day passes without a bloody incident among its supporters or members.

Those hit by this symptom of delusion commit all kinds of horrible actsd of mayhem and chaos; they manufacture, grow, distribute and export illicit drugs, launder money, sell weapons, steal, kill, infringe on all the laws of the land, challenge human rights, invade regions and homes inside Lebanon, and assassinate, intimidate, and humiliate anyone who opposes them - and kidnap and exercise every Mafioso-like atrocity.

Sadly, the Lebanese state is helpless; the officials are puppets, the army and all other security forces are either terrorized, fully controlled or totally castrated; the politicians and clergy are corrupt and the judiciary is crippled.

By force, terrorism and intimidation, Hizbullah, in all practicality, occupies Lebanon according to all internationally recognized criteria. Its Iranian affiliated-leadership controls the country's decision making process and dominates its governing bodies, including the parliament, cabinet and security institutions.

The Lebanese people alone are unable to free their country from the savage Hizbullah occupation and unless the Free World countries step in and give them a hand, the Hizbullah cancer is going to spread all over the region.

It is worth mentioning that Hezbollah is a mere Iranian army proxy and tool used openly by the Iranian mullahs to carry out their scheme of expansionism in a bid to erect their sectarian empire.

History teaches us that thugs, thieves, and terrorists, no matter how mighty they become or how big their weapons caches are, or how many armed men they have, will ultimately be defeated, humiliated and made to pay for all the crimes they committed against others.

The Lebanese proverb: “If it had remained for others it would not have come to you”, envisages the definite end of all those that are evil. Hizbullah's leadership, as well those in control of the Axis of Evil in both Iran and Syria, must be very cautious and re-evaluate their bloody and expansionist scheme, because in Lebanon, there is no one that is bigger or mightier than the Lebanese holy cause that encompasses freedom, equality, independence, sovereignty peace and coexistence.

The ultimate fate of all those who at the present time occupy and terrorize the Lebanese people is not going in any way to be different from the fate of all those evil powers all though history that invaded and occupied other countries or committed crimes against others. They will face the same fate that they inflicted on others, as the prophet Isaiah states (Isaiah 33/01 and 02): “Our enemies are doomed! They have robbed and betrayed, although no one has robbed them or betrayed them. But their time to rob and betray will end, and they themselves will become victims of robbery and treachery”.

Reality and history prove with no doubt and on daily basis that no one, no one human being has left this earthly world and was able to carry with him to the grave or to the other world, be it heaven or hell, any of his riches, power or status because all that is earthly remains on the earth while people vanish and return to ashes, from which God made them. When Almighty God decides to take back his gift, the soul, the human body dies instantly, loses all its vitality, becomes cold, motionless, breathless and within less than two weeks its own dormant worms turn it back to ashes.

Those righteous and faithful who obey God's commandments in both faith and acts will never ever be left alone. God and His angels always safeguard them. Prophet Isaiah stresses on the fact that God always affirms His endless love: "Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand". (41:10-13)

We call on all those who are inflicting pain on our peace-loving people in Lebanon to put an immediate end to all their atrocities, ask God for forgiveness and repent before it is too late. God is merciful and always willing to forgive those who ask for forgiveness.


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