An Open Letter to Haim Saban

The writer calls on Mr. Saban to launch a most critical project for the good of the Jewish State.

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Dr. Avi Perry,

Dr. Avi Perry
Dr. Avi Perry

It’s no secret that the anti-Israel propaganda spilled-out by the Palestinians and their Arab brethren, has been successful in brainwashing the majority of the general public worldwide.

It has contributed greatly to the lack of symmetry in the world’s stance towards the Middle East conflict; it has become the new norm.

Palestinian war crimes and their lie-filled, anti-Semitic, venomous rhetoric are met with meek silence by the rest of the world while Israel’s self-defense responses are deemed war crimes by the same “justices of the peace.”

Without a doubt, the Palestinians’ and the Arabs’ propaganda war is winning the battle for the world’s public opinion.

When Palestinians annulled the Oslo Peace Agreement by going to the UN, having that slanted organization recognize the non-existent state of Palestine—which according to the Oslo Accords could only be formalized via face-to-face negotiations with Israel—the world applauded.

When, at the same time, Israel approved building of Jewish homes beyond the 1949 ceasefire (green) line in Jerusalem—its ancient capital—the world  rushed to censure the Jewish State.

When Hamas, the other Palestinian terorist government, and the most popular movement in the "West Bank", declared that Jew-killing is a sacred edict decreed by Allah, that their (Hamas’s) uncompromised goal is and has always been the destruction of the Jewish state and its Jewish population, the same sensible world leaders played dumb, blind and deaf.

Winning the war for a more favorable world public opinion is just as crucial as being able to deter Muslim countries and Islamic terror organizations through military means.

It can be done.

And this is where Haim Saban should play a lead role.

In an era where the English-speaking al Jazeera, the BBC, and several other popular 24/7 news networks poison the air with their venomous, anti-Israel propaganda, there is an urgent need to counter their misrepresentations with evidence, facts and truth.

A pro-Israel, pointed perspective should have trouble-free access to the worldwide English-speaking audience; a pro-Israel ambience should fill its habitat, its amplified voice; it should water the thirsty minds, delight the truth seekers.

Haim Saban, I am calling on you to establish a television network similar to CNN, al Jazeera, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. Programs could include soft news like sports and entertainment, talk shows, political comedy shows like “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “The Colbert Report,” or even a program featuring SNL type sketches. Occasionally, the network may feature a message-carrying movie or a documentary, etc.

All that fun stuff could complement the key role of the network, the role it’s designed for—hard news—news that tells the truth about the world we live in.

I have many more ideas, but please, Mr. Saban. Please use your resources, your connections and your vast experience, and launch this endeavor for your own sake and for the sake of the country that you love.

I (and millions of others as well) will always be grateful if you do, and we will always be willing to lend our hand should you decide to call upon our service for the great cause.